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Video Review - Shredtown: Drop the Gun

Shredtown's latest video dropped earlier this season and is one of the most progressive films to date. Check out our review and download the full video on iTunes.

2010 Liquid Force FLX Wakeboard
We here at just recently got our hands on FLX by Liquid Force and headed out to Texas ski ranch to test it out on the cable. Right away there was an instant feeling of freedom and style when that board touched the water. It rode extremely smooth and had a lot of pop and amazing response.

Impact DVD Review
Here is a DVD review on Pikestaff Studio's release, Impact. I probably have seen every single wakeboard DVD/tape ever produced. I simply love watching wake videos. So when I heard Ed was looking for someone to review "Impact," I jumped at the chance.

Product Review: The Banks By Nixon Watches
Richard Williams introduced his new Nixon watch to the ladies AND the water. This is what he had to say about its performance.

Counterfeit This
Riders: Danny Harf, George Daniels, Shawn Murray, Scott Byerly, Eric Ruck, Brandon Thomas, Parks Bonifay, Brian Grubb and Chad Sharpe

Refraction DVD Review
Refraction is a film from Hydrotherapy studios that features, and opens with, footage from the team Ten-80 houseboat trip on Dale Hollow Lake.

Delta Session 2 DVD Review
West Side Connection delivers again with a Wake-flick worthy of a sequel!

Such Is Life Review
Do you need a good video to get you through the rest of the winter? Evan Park may have just what the Dr. ordered in his review of the Sidewayz film, Such Is Life.

Counterfeit This Video Review
Counterfeit This is the latest team video to come from Hyperlite. takes a closer look at the video to see if it lives up to the hype.

CWB Marius Review
You may have seen this ride in late 2005, but this will be a big hit in 2006. The all new Marius includes many unique features that truly set it apart from the rest of the CWB line, as well as many other board manufacturers.

Back in the Day: HIT IT! review
In this round we go back to '96 to review one of wakeboarding's classic films.

"Woaaah Doctor!": The Review of Liquid Force Encore
As a follow up to the Liquid Force team video, Relentless, Liquid Force Films gives you more great team action in Encore. Read more to learn why you should buy your own copy of Encore if you haven't already.

Pro X Series Fat Sac Review took a closer look at one of our favorite products from 2005. Did the new Pro X Series Fat Sacs and Tsunami Pump hold up to our high expectations? Read more to find out.

The Butter Effect DVD Review
The Butter Effect isn't trying to be anything out of the ordinary or fancy. Sometimes a simple concept is the best one, and in the case of The Butter Effect, BFY has chosen to film great riders doing what they do best on high quality film.

O'Neill Superfreak Boardshorts Review member Richard Williams reviews what could be the most popular kind of boardshorts for the 2005 season, the O'Neill Superfreaks.

2005 GB Harris 143 Review
Jacob Sagemuehl of reviews the 2005 Gator Boards Randy Harris 143 wakeboard. It sounds like an outstanding board for the money.

The Book DVD Instructional Review
As we move on in the spring and start thinking about summer, it's time to make sure your technique is on the right course for good progression. The Book DVD series is the best instructional source ever.

Hyperlite State Wakeboard Review
Hyperlite has designed a board with unique features on each edge to help riders with their edging techniques. We took the State out for a test run to see if it would really help.

Liquid Force Fish Review Revisited
As the new season rolls around we've been hit hard with people asking what boards they should check out this year. So we take a look back at our review of the 2005 Liquid Force Fish.

Fill In The Blanks Review gives the scoop on the latest wakeskating film from directory Kyle Conrad and Sidewayz.

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