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The following is a list of wakeboarding and wakeskating tricks and their definitions. It is broken up into a a series of categories. Click the category to view the trick definitions. If you are new to wakeboarding we recommend you start with the Glossary.

  • Glossary - Definitions of wakeboarding and wakeskating terms.

  • Surface Tricks - Tricks performed while the rider is not in the air.

  • Grabs - The various names and places a rider can grab the board while in the air.

  • Spins - Tricks where the rider rotates their board and body in the air.

  • Inverts - Tricks where the rider gets upside down, also called flips.

  • Raley-Based - Tricks based on the Raley, such as Hoochie Glides, S-bends, etc.

  • Handle Pass Inverts - Tricks where the rider combines an invert and a spin requiring a handle pass.

  • Wakeskating Tricks - Tricks that are unique to the wakeskate.

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