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2010 Liquid Force FLX Wakeboard
We here at just recently got our hands on FLX by Liquid Force and headed out to Texas ski ranch to test it out on the cable. Right away there was an instant feeling of freedom and style when that board touched the water. It rode extremely smooth and had a lot of pop and amazing response. I took a lap just to get a feel for how the board rode, and then took it straight to the rails. I was amazed at how it felt when it was on the sliders. I could really feel the rail underneath me and how in control I felt while going across it as opposed to a conventional wakeboard feeling very rigid or stiff. The FLX was very user friendly and exceeded all my expectations. It is definitely one of the most fun boards I have ever had the privilege to ride.

This board features a CNC wood / PVC core and Liquid Force's exclusive liquid rail sidewall construction. The FLX is durable and is smooth on rails. Also the fins are cable park freindly. Add in the perfect amount of flex and this board is a obstacle bound masterpiece. The P-tex grind base has proven that it can hold up to just about any surface thrown underneath it. Should you damage your base it can be repaired the same way that you would repair your snowboard. The transparent top on this board shows off the core and is blended with a killer graphic that makes this board stand out. This board comes in 2 different sizes, a 138cm and 142cm.

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