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"Woaaah Doctor!": The Review of Liquid Force Encore
Encore DVDAuthor: Staff

Encore: An extra or repeated performance; usually given in response to audience demand.

Cliche: The intro to my critical review of Liquid Force Films' latest release, Encore.

Liquid Force's Encore is a very lax version of a wakeboarding video. Relentless was the platform they used to really let their team shine, while Encore contains more fun, unique footage mixed in with a few small interviews and some appearances by the team's newcomers. (Keep an eye out for Amber Wing, Tino Santori, and Philip Basino.)

While the film isn't "as serious", it still contains some motivating and entertaining footage. My personal favorites include Shane Bonifay's rail, Amber Wing's section, the Liquid Force Trip footage, and the pool gap section. I found the pool gap section to be especially diverting because these pools create new playgrounds for the inspired and motivated. Realistically, they also bring a new look to wakeboarding and its films. So it's cool to witness this little change in the landscape of wakeboarding that has taken place in the last few years or so.

Encore also has a ton of extras (16 total) that include a cool mall gap stunt with Watson, a Lake Powell set with Ben Greenwood, and a video journal with Mike Ennen. And because I'm fully into the history of these sorts of things, I really liked the section with Jimmy and all of his wakeboards. (Jimmy, my name and address will be at the end of this review, so you can feel free to send me your board of choice. Trust me, I'll give it a good home!) It's just really cool to see so much history lined up right in front of you. And along with sharing his boards, Jimmy explains the characteristics for a few series' and what worked and what didn't, etc. After all of these years, he ended up almost where he started (from the Squirt to the Fish), as in trying something new, yet learning from the past to make a fun and unique wakeboard. I think Jimmy said it best with, "It's all about just having fun and catching air."

I should add that there is also an EXTRA extra section on the Encore disk, but I'm not about to share it with you because I found it on accident myself...

To complete the package that is Encore, a revamped version of Relentless and a mini-book are included in the package. The Relentless DVD is not the original version many of you hold dear to your hearts, so that's motivation to a) check out the new version or b) cry yourself to sleep. In Relentless "take two", there's some new footage, some removed footage, all new music, and some new extras that will keep you entertained either way.

Finally, there's also a little "book" called Encore: The Book. Personally speaking, I'd describe it as being more of a "mini magazine." It's the size of the packaging and it's a staple bound periodical on semi-glossy paper. Inside you'll find a number of great pictures and interviews and stories behind some of the shoots..

In the end, I was disappointed at the lack of wakeskating because Liquid Force does have a talented team, and I would have liked to have seen them included in such a prestigious team production, besides being put in the very end of the Relentless credits. Outside of that, Encore is well worth its price point. And as a little bonus (if one wants to see it as such, and I most certainly choose to do so) the original Relentless will become a bit of a collector's item since it is no longer in print. So once they're gone, they're gone. And that's a pretty amazing thing, considering we live in the digital age and you can pick up a wakeboarding video that was made in 1994 on DVD. So, don't be a pirate. Pick up one or both of these fine videos at your favorite shop.

(Cue the applause and commence to throwing me some roses...)

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