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O'Neill Superfreak Boardshorts Review

Crack kills, we all know it’s true. But fear not! New innovation on the boardshort front line is bringing an end to this all too familiar problem.

O'Neill has long been an innovator in the surfing industry, they know what works and what doesn’t in a pair of boardshorts. The O'Neill Superfreak is the perfect mixture of both style and function. I’m a minimalist, I don’t want my boardshorts to have a rope holder, a cupholder, a boardrack. I just want a simple boardshort that functions well, looks good and above all, feels exquisite on the water. After living in these shorts for 2 weeks I am reporting back that I absolutely love the feeling of these shorts.

I would like to briefly describe some of my favorite features of these shorts.

Ultraflex fabric - this is amazing stuff! It has the perfect amount of stretch and makes the short fit comfortable. There’s just something about the fabric that makes you feel good wearing them.

Psycho stretch - This is by far the most innovative part of these shorts. Instead of falling down and giving your boatload of ladies your best impersonation of “fixing the hot water heater” - they stretch! No more crack and no more accidental blindness to innocent passengers onboard.

Superfly - Don’t we all hate the "interesting" lines that the velcro fly in the front provides? I know I do and thanks to O’Neill for offering up the new no velcro fly. They’ve really thought out the Superfly system. Another pair of boardshorts I have with a similar system makes it appear that you are walking around with your fly open all day long. The Superfreaks stay closed up tight just how they should be. Bust a lace? Want to add your own unique style to your shorts? No problem the laces are replaceable.

Overall I am extremely happy with my purchase, I have owned many "expensive" boardshorts and none of them fit or felt as good as the Superfreaks do. They fit like a cheesy line in a Jim Carrey movie. They feel great on the water and who knows, they just might be what you need to finally stomp that kickflip, or Backside 7 off the double up.

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