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Wakesurfing has taken the wakeboard industry by storm and isn't slowing down anytime soon. To keep you in the loop, has created a top to bottom guide for all the information you need to get out and tearing up your own inland waves. Wakesurfing has existed in some form for just as long as, if not longer than wakeboarding but in recent years it has evolved into a sport all its own. Each summer the sport grows in huge ways seeing more contests, stronger support from wakesurf and board companies, and new participants all helping to build the sport of Wakesurfing. Not only is it a great way to wind-down from a long day of wakeboarding, it can also make an awesome afternoon on the water entirely on its own. This guide will help get you going in the right direction to be wakesurfing in no time!

To keep things simple, we've broken the wakesurfing page down in to sections to make it easy to jump to the information you're looking for. (If you have a company involved with the sport of Wakesurfing we would like to hear from you. If you would like your products listed, please contact us)

Getting Started
- Gear
- Boards
- Wakesurfing Ropes
- Setting up your boat for Wakesurfing
- Ballast & other accessories
Get Wakesurfing!
- Wakesurfing 101
- Tips & Tricks
Wakesurfing Community
- Wakesurf Forum

Wakesurfing Boards and Equipment
One of the most important parts of getting the most out of your wakesurfing session is to pick up the right gear. We've thrown together a gear-guide to help you find the best of what's out there in the world of wakesurf boards, wakesurf ropes, and accessories.

Wakesurf Boards

First, a little history: The beginnings of wakesurfing started with early pioneers of the sport using old surf boards behind their boats. As people continued to ride they realized that they needed something more specific to what they were doing and decided to create more and more specialized boards. This helped to create the early versions of the wakeboards we ride today. In fact, Jimmy Redmond was one of these early pioneers living in Texas who decided to start designing his own boards and that's part of how Liquid Force Wakeboards was born.

Just as these early wakesurfers realized; surfboards alone, while they may work, just don't quite cut it if you really want to get your shred on behind a boat. To get the job done right, it's worth-while to look at picking up a wakesurf specific board. Almost all of the major wakeboard manufacturers make a wakesurfer these days and there are even some companies that dedicate themselves completely to the wakesurf movement and don't make anything else. We've thrown together a list of some of the best gear out there to help you find the shred stick that is right for you.

Wakesurfing Ropes
Similarly to surfboards vs. wakesurf specific boards; a wakeboard rope may work to get you started. but it's smart to invest in a solid wakesurf rope designed for wakesurfing.. These ropes are shorter and normally thick so you can pull yourself into that sweet spot when wakesurfing. These wakesurf ropes are much shorter than a standard wakeboard rope and are generally thick (and usually with extra knots or handles) so you can grip above the handle and pull yourself in to the "sweet spot" of the surf wake. A thicker and more comfortable wakesurf rope is easier on your hands than a wakeboard rope is and will help to keep you riding longer by avoiding rope-burn. You'll be happy you made the small investment in a wakesurf specific rope after just one set. Take a look at the gear selection below to find not only ropes, but also complete rope and handle combos.

Wakesurfing Ballast and Wakesurfing Boat Setup
If you don't have your boat loaded with 12 guys and gals then you are going to need some ballast for wakesurfing. Loading up the side of your boat that you'll be wakesurfing on with weight will help pump the most out of your machine's hull (make sure to keep your boat's weight limits in mind, nobody has fun with a sunken surf vessel!). Fly High, and Straightline have made some wakesurfing specific ballast bags to help fill your boat more efficiently than bags meant for wakeboarding (they'll get more weight to one side of the boat in a more organized way than standard wake bags will). If you're serious about your wakesurfing, consider picking up one of these to really get that wake in shape. We've also put together some pumps and accessories to keep your wakesurfing setup easy and safe.

*For safety reasons you must only wakesurf behind a Inboard boat. If you have an I/O or outboard boat YOU CAN NOT WAKESURF. Boats that do not have an exposed propeller are the only boats for wakesurfing. If you are not sure what type of boat you need check out websites like Malibu Boats, Tige Boats, Supra Boats, Correct Craft, Mastercraft and Axis Wake Boats. They all produce boats perfect for Wakesurfing.

Keep Wakesurfing
Now that you've got the gear you need it's time to get out on the water. Check out our guide below for all the basics of setting up your boat, to wakesurfing for the first time, to progressing to your first airs above the lip!

How to Wakesurf articles from archives.

Wakesurfing Tricks and Tips
For Tips and Tricks check out the Wakesurfing Instructional DVD.
Wakesurf Instructional Vol 1 and 2 takes you from learning fundamentals like boat set-up and riding the wake, to more technical tricks like big spins and shuv-its. This two-disc dvd set provides the keys to becoming an accomplished wakesurfer and have fun while doing it. Vol 1 is beginner instruction and also teaches surf-style riding, and Vol II is advanced instruction and focuses on skim-style riding. The Wakesurfing instructional is shot on HD and 35mm film and shows the maneuvers from a variety of angles to fully understand and visualize each trick. It is set to the narration of pro coach Drew Danielo, 3X World WakeSurfing Champion and Jessica Oswald, 2X Women's World WakeSurfing Champion. This is the only Wakesurfing instructional DVD that we recommend. This is the one you must have for wakesurfing.

Wakesurfing Community Forum
Everybody needs a friend. Get on our Wakesurfing forum to get information on wakesurfing, talk about Wakesurfing, and find other wakesurfers. The best part about wakesurfing is hanging out on the boat with all your friends taking a set and pushing your riding to the next level. Use the forum to trade trick tips, show us your wakesurf board, wakesurf boat or wake, or even show-off your wakesurf board build if you are a custom builder.

  • Wakesurfing Forum

    If you would like to contribute trick tips or any other information to the Wakesurfing page on, email us. We're always looking for suggestions to help get fellow riders out on the water, progressing, and having fun.



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