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Pro X Series Fat Sac Review
Author: DRAGON88

A new evolution in fat sacs has been in demand for some time now. Luckily, Barefoot International Fly High has taken it upon themselves to take the next step with their Pro X Series Fat Sacs. Featuring a healthy skin of Valmex, the Pro X Series sacs are proving to easily be the most durable sacs on the market. The Valmex material is similar to the material used on commercial grade rafts that are used for white water rafting. The sacs are constructed to kick their feet up on the coffee table and get comfortable because they are going to be around for a while.

We all know that there are other ways of weighing down our boats, but fat sacs are by far the safest way to do it. Water is also the most accessible element available when hitting up the lake. Statically buoyant weight is great for balancing out the boat, but, it's also not exactly ideal to have to load up 1000 pounds of lead every time you launch the boat.

The Pro X Series sacs are far superior to any other sac I have owned. The Pro X sacs are amazingly durable. All of the seams are both welded and double taped and will take any beating you can throw at them. The material is somewhat rigid, so you can actually position the sacs the way you want them.

Fly High also offers many unique shaped sacs, like the Bow sac that will fit the entire bow of your boat. Or, the Nautique Wedge sacs, that fit quite well in the awkward shaped rear compartments of the Super Sport/ Super Air Nautiques's equipped with the wedge tanks. Another somewhat interesting perk of the Pro X series is that you are allowed to choose what color of sac you want.

The quick disconnects are extremely handy and much better then the waterbed fittings that you get with most sacs. I also highly recommend the Tsunami pump, It takes just under 2 minutes and 30 seconds to fill one of my Nautique Wedge sacs. As a matter of fact it's faster at filling then the stock ballast system in my boat.

All said, they are a must have for any wakeboarder who's sacs see a lot of action. These sacs are not easily damaged, and would take a lot of abuse before they would even consider popping. The Pro X Series sacs are perfect for direct drives where the sacs get heavy traffic. The price difference over conventional sacs is well worth it. The Pro X Series sacs are a great investment that will pay for themselves hour after hour on the water.

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