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Blacklist Video Review
The latest video out is a video all about one trip to Lake Powell by the wakeboarding and wakeskating world's most progressive and well-known riders called Blacklist. If that sounds familiar, it might be because it's the same formula that was used for one of the best wakeboarding films of all time, Mayday.

Dragon Ghost Review
Aside from the standard board, rope, and jacket; the accessory many riders find necessary for a day on the water is a good pair of shades. Check out our review of the new Ghosts from Dragon.

The 2004 Hyperlite Broadcast Wake Surfboard Review
Hyperlite has expanded their wakesurf board line with its 2004 Broadcast model. The Broadcast is a fast board with excellent release from the wake.

Sfumato Video Review
Sfumato is the second Cassette team video. It features the riding of Danny Hampson, Thomas Horrell, Drew McGuckin, Aaron Reed and Jim Leatherman. Before watching Sfumato, be prepared to have your mind blown.

ToeJam Binding Lube Review
Davey Dog Productions has recently released the first EPA-approved all natural binding lubricant called Toe Jam. Toe Jam is 100% all natural consisting of water and vegetable based ingredients.

RiderOgraphies Vol.1 Video Review
RiderOgraphies Vol.1 is the latest video release from OG Productions. It not only shows good riding, but also takes a look at the wakeboarding lifestyle by touring the homes of pro riders.

Wakeboarding Unleashed Game Review
One of the most anticipated things for wakeboarders ever was the release of the first good wakeboarding video game, Wakeboarding Unleashed with Shaun Murray. The question is does the game live up to the hype?

Ediktid Clothing Review checks out some new products from Edikitid, a clothing company based out of Lake Havasu, Arizona.

Mutiny Endurance Series Review
Mutiny Wakeskates is back at it again and has recently sent the new Endurance Series wakeskate to try out. The Endurance Series is the latest skate designed by Erich Schmaltz of Mutiny Wakeskates.

Snap: A Wakeskate Instructional DVD Review
Snap: A Wakeskate Instructional is the latest release from Bump Films. Snap is a full wakeskate instructional video that will walk you through the ends and outs of wakeskating. There are also some bonus features with plenty of sick riding.

Wakeside Battle Rack Review
One of the most interesting and well-built products to hit the 2003 wakeboarding market is the special board rack from Wakeside called the Battle Rack. gives it a full review.

Kampus Swing Series Review
Kampus Wakeskates continues to break into the wakeskating market with some new flavor. Kampus recently introduced the Swing Series wakeskates. See what we thought about the Swing Seriew from Kampus.

WakePhysics Instructional Book Review
Former wakeboarding world champion Jeremy Kovak has recently released a wakeboarding instructional book called WakePhysics. It features numerous pro riders performing a wide variety of tricks with pictures and instructions.

The Movement Video Review checks out "The Movement" from Collin Wright. This video features the riding of Billy McKee, Leslie Kent, Greg Nelson, and others.

Type ADD Video Review takes a look at the first video release from Insite Productions. Type ADD includes a mix of wakeboarding, wakeskating, and kiteboarding.

3Thirteen Bling Wakeskate Shoe Review
3Thirteen Footwear's Bling wakeskate shoe has arrived. This shoe has a whole host of features specifically designed with the wakeskater in mind. From the quick drain sole to the inner sock, this shoe has the works.

2003 Blindside Assassin Review
JJ Bauman reviews the 2003 Assassin from Blind Side which was shaped by Greg Nelson. The Assassin is a four-finned board that gives a fast ride.

Cassette 4-Track Review
Read our take on Cassette's new board, the 4-Track. Cassette has once again been the first to bring us a board with new features to help improve your riding and open up new avenues in wakeskating.

AWAKE Video Review
Refreshing, laid back, personal; these are the words that describe the new film "AWAKE" by Bruce Clem and Freedom Films. Unlike the trend in recent videos, AWAKE does not present wakeboarding as a sport that is only about who can do the hardest tricks.

All or Nothing Video Review
For the past couple of years, board companies have been releasing videos of their team riders. The new video, All Or Nothing, from Hyperlite is the company's second team video release and it shows the evolution of both it's riders and the sport as a whole.

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