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Video Review - Shredtown: Drop the Gun

"These dudes are CRAZY." That's what I kept thinking to myself while watching Shredtown's new film, "Drop the Gun". Anyone who has watched the video seems to express a similar sentiment. You've never seen a wake video like this.

Slingshot riders Chris Abadie, Davis Griffin, and Andrew Adams take us on a captivating journey into their world of wakeboarding. Equipped with boards, a winch, and a video camera, the Shredtown crew sets out across the US to ride terrain that most people would never dream of. In their eyes, drainage pipes, concrete ledges, and shipping pallets are all meant to be ridden and exploited.

Throughout the film you'll see everything from boardsliding huge hand rails, mute mobes and 720s off of kickers, to gigantic, ACL destroying gap transfers. But no matter how crazy things get it's obvious that these guys are in it for the fun, clearly evidenced by their seemingly endless creativity. Shredtown's ingenuity and resolve transforms the urban landscape that most of us dismiss as utilitarian and banal into a virtually endless playground.

While I wouldn't dare to try most of the stuff in this film, I still came away very inspired. If you truly love the sport, you'll find a way to get on the water, no matter if it's behind $100k boat or a winch that you and your buddies made. So get out and ride. Try building a rail for a change or checking out a cable park that has recently popped up. Most importantly, just go out there and have fun like Shredtown does on a daily basis.

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