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Kink Rail Concoctions - Backyard Rail Park - WTWT

Added: 06-4-2014

Kink Rail Concoctions from Backyard Rail Park / WTWT on Vimeo.

For Memorial weekend at the Backyard Rail Park we wanted to transform our kink rail into some new setups. We were so stoked on how each of these ideas turned out and hope you guys are too! Instagram: @BackyardRailPark Riders: Caleb "Murda" Fauntleroy, Cody Walker, Austin Price, Matt Clendenin, Andre Barrios

Shredtown: Drop the Gun

Added: 06-04-2014
Wakeboard movie of the season. Download and enjoy. Download the new Shredtown movie: Shredtown: Drop the Gun

Rahinge Wakepark Octocopter Reel '13

Added: 5-12-2014

Rahinge Wakepark Octocopter Reel '13 from JAM Aerials on Vimeo.

iHeart Radio Boating with Jake Owen

Added: 04-07-2014

iHeart Radio held a contest to go boating with Jake Owen before the iHeart Radio Country Music Festival in Austin, TX March 29th, 2014. Contest winners had about 2 hours to spend on a 2014 Malibu Wakesetter on Lake Austin. Pro Wakeboarder, Tom Fooshee was on hand and gave a little Wakeboarding Demo.

Putting the boat to good use on a Saturday afternoon.

The Corey Kraut Life Jacket Story told by Greg Nelson

Added: 04-01-2014

The Corey Kraut Life Jacket Story told by Greg Nelson from WaterSports IndustryAssociation on Vimeo.

Corey Kraut was a young aspiring professional wakeboarder who made an ill-fated decision to ride without a life jacket and it cost him his life. Watch as Greg Nelson tells the emotional story of how he lost one of his best friends due to the fact he was not wearing a life jacket. Life jackets save lives - wear it.

Patrick Wieland 2013 RED Reel

Added: 03-26-2014

Patrick Wieland 2013 RED Reel from Patrick Wieland on Vimeo.

Dirk Gideonse Shredding Down Under

Added: 03-05-2014

We had some lost footy from july 2013, still pretty sick, so we decided to put out a nice edit! Are you ready for 2014!? Riders: Dirk Gideonse Daan Rigter Nick Hunting Camera: Yori van Gerven Justin Karten Stefan Jansen Benjamin Witteman Post production: Ivar Vermeulen

Marupe Wake Park // Project BLACK ICE // Latvia 2014

Added: 03-05-2014

This is a first for me. I have seen guys ride in the cold but never build rails using ice blocks. I like it.

New Rail @ BSR - Feb 2014

Added: 02-19-2014

New Rail @ BSR from Ryan Jones on Vimeo.

MasterCraft Pro Wakeboard Tour to Focus Exclusively on Men's Pro Division in 2014

Added: 2-11-2014
Orlando, FL. - The MasterCraft Pro Wakeboard Tour, the largest and most storied professional wakeboarding circuit in the world, has redesigned its format for the 2014 season and will feature only the Pro Men's division at all four events. With an exclusive focus on the sport's premier division, along with a restructured contest heat advancement system and athlete qualifying standards, the MasterCraft Pro Tour has laid the groundwork to produce the most competitive and entertaining wakeboard events on the planet.

Wake VS Cable 2014 Back Paddock Lakes in Waipukurau

Added: 02-08-2014

Wake VS Cable 2014 from Guy Mac on Vimeo.

WNZ held their first Wake vs Cable event on 1 & 2 February 2014 at Back Paddock Lakes in Waipukurau. This was a fantastic event with 2 days of great riding on Cable and behind the Boat. This really tested the riders in 2 different riding skills. WNZ would like to thank all its sponsors for supporting this event, and the team at Back Paddock Lakes for allowing us to hold this event at their amazing facilities.

Wakesurfing With SURF GATE By Malibu Boats (2014)

Added: 02-05-2014

Wakesurfing With SURF GATE By Malibu Boats (2014) from Malibu Boats on Vimeo. - The 2013 "Innovation Of The Year" has even more to offer in 2014. First, the actuator ram speed has been improved from 3 seconds to 1.5, making side-to-side transfers easier than ever for the wakesurfer. To time your transfer, a horn on the transom sounds a series of beeps to let you know exactly when the shift will happen. There are also optional tower lights, which indicate the transfer timing as well. To top things off, all 2014 gates are finished off with a stainless steel overlay for a sharp look on the water. More at

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