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Buy Ronix Wakeboard Products - Ronix Wakeboards, Ronix Bindings, Ronix Wakeboard Packages, Ronix Wakeskates, Ronix Wakesurf, and Ronix Vests. has put together some information on the Ronix Wakeboard company from the Ronix wakeboards to other Ronix products. The Ronix Wakeboard company was started just a few years ago by some of the biggest names in the wakeboard industry. With a proven track record the Ronix wakeboard company has started to make some headway in the wakeboard industry. The Ronix wakeboard company has 42 wakeboards, 10 bindings, and a full line of accessories. Some of the top riders in the industry have joined the Ronix wakeboard company such as Danny Harf, Chad Sharpe, Parks Bonifay, Adam Errington, Reed Hansen, and Emily Copeland Durham to make this one of the better teams in the industry.

The Ronix wakeboard of choice for Danny Harf is the "One Board". The signature wakeboard for Harf has a thin profile to reduce the swing weight. Harf created a clean center bottom design giving this Ronix wakeboard a good launch off the wake. Combine this wakeboard with the Ronix One Binding and you have the setup Danny used to land a 1260. The first 1260 ever landed in the sport of wakeboarding.

Chad Sharpe also joined Ronix Wakeboards from the start. Sharpe rides the Viva Ronix wakeboard with the Cell Ronix bindings. Sharpe wanted more kick in his pro model so Ronix added more of a hybrid rocker line giving the Viva ronix wakeboard more snap leaving the wake. The Viva has a thin profile to reduce swing weight. Molded-in outer fins give this ronix wakeboard a quick release off the wake.

The Ibex Ronix wakeboard was created for the speed and snap you would expect from a wakeboard ridden by Parks Bonifay. He is already a legend in the industry and still rides at the top of his game. The Ibex ronix wakeboard is the widest profile that Ronix offers. This board boasts a chrome finish that stands out just like Parks. A subtle verticle rail creates a locked down feel without burying the edge on big cuts. Combine the Ibex with the Relik ronix bindings for the Parks Pro setup.

If a Ronix pro wakeboard setup is not what you are looking for Ronix wakeboards also has a few package setups. The Mana ronix wakeboard with the Kai ronix binding, the Archade ronix wakeboard with the Frank or Divide ronix binding, the Vault ronix wakeboard with the Divide ronix binding. For the ladies Ronix wakeboards offers the Dahlia wakeboard with Halo bindings and the popular Krush ronix wakeboard with the Luxe ronix bindings.

Emily Copeland Durham made the switch to Ronix wakeboards so she could help develop a line of wakeboard products that would meet the riding levels off all women riders. Creating ronix wakeboards for a woman by a woman was exactly what Emily had in mind. The Coy ronix wakeboard and the Rise ronix bindings is the choice setup for Emily. Less drag, thin profile, side channels to aid in carving give Emily her favorite pro model. The ronix wakeboard womens line also consist of the Dahlia wakeboard, and Krush wakeboard. Ronix bindings for the ladies are the Rise binding, Halo binding and the Luxe binding. Ronix wakeboards also offers a full line of accessories: Impact vest, padded board bag, ropes and handles all for the lady rider.



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