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Back in the Day: HIT IT! review
By Jacob Sagemuehl

Company: FLF
Release Date: 1996
Running Time: 41 minutes
Riders: Scott Byerly, Erich Schmaltz, Cobe Mikacich, Greg Nelson, Mike Weddington, CC Roberts, Bill McCaffray, Josh Smith, Dean Lavelle, Shaun Murray, others

HIT IT! was one of the first wakeboarding films that I ever saw and itís still my favorite; bar none. What can I say about this video? My God, do I love it. In my opinion itís the sickest video to date and if I was forced to watch only one wakeboard video for the rest of my life it would definitely be HIT IT. Set in some of the most pristine riding locations spanning from Lake Shasta in California to Kanehoe Bay in Hawaii, HIT IT contains some of the most beautiful scenery, all caught on high quality 16mm film. Shot in 1995 by Arthur Krehbiel and Jerry Dugan, HIT IT is a classic film that has stood the test of time. A film of this degree and scope is a rare find in todays crop of videos.

HIT IT begins with one of the most heart pounding intros of any video. Synched perfectly to the music of Down, it builds slowly and then explodes with a shot of Greg Nelson doing a fat Indy tantrum off the double up. The introduction is probably my favorite part because it not only sets the tone for the rest of the movie, but also because almost all the tricks shown are original and not repeated later in the film.

After the introduction, the film starts off with scenes from the crystal clear Lake Tahoe. There are some great aerial shots of the water and scenery which serve as a perfect backdrop to Schmaltz's wrapped spins, Mikacich's huge mobes, and Nelson's smooth style. The film continues to flow seamlessly through different spots on Lake Tahoe, Donner Lake, and then a quick stop to ride behind a Fountain in Seattle.

Continuing on to Lake Shasta and then Lake Mead, HIT IT also showcases the riding of Mike Weddington, CC Roberts and Bill McCaffray. Highlights from these riders include big orientals and Indy tantrums from Weddington, CC's signature one handed half cab roll, and the first ever caught on film whirlybird from McCaffray.

After bouncing around some of the sickest riding spots in the continental US, the FLF team takes a trip down to Hawaii where Weddington, Mikacich, and Byerly meet up with local Ryan Sebring for some sick riding. The film then transitions back to the US to spend a little time with Dean Lavelle and Shaun Murray.

Saving the best for last, the film ends with some killer riding from Byerly and crew. Byerly's section includes unprecedented riding for the time. Set to the music of Senser, Byerly goes off in a style all his own, pulling off many signature moves including Pete Roses, Indy tantrums to blind, and fat chances; as well as the infamous VW Bug slide. Byerly's section is wholly inspiring, including a perfect mix of spins, inverts, and rails. It accomplishes what every wakeboard video should do, and that is to motivate the viewer to get out and ride.

If you're new to the sport, HIT IT is a good video to pick up to see a big part of wakeboarding's roots. Byerly's section alone is worth the cost of DVD. For some timeless old school riding, HIT IT is the ticket.

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