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Delta Session 2 DVD Review
West Side Connection delivers again with a Wake-flick worthy of a sequel! Delta Session II (produced by Jason Buffalow and Sean Branecki) surpasses your expectations with professional level talent and big-budget quality in a regional video. Every aspect Delta Sessions has improved this time around starting with film quality, inspiring camera angles, fantastic cinematography, and most importantly, the stepped-up technical riding!

DS2, The Summer of Style, has something for everyone. The West Side Connection team brought the regional riders you would expect, with the addition of a few Florida guests back to the Delta. There's truly something cool about seeing a Sean O'Brien throw down in front of a Mt. Diablo silhouette! This section shows you why Sean O'Brien as an up-and-coming favorite with his Nuclear-Grabbed tricks and his pun intended!

Another personal favorite is Brandy Sammons for his huge, any-kind-of-glide ability and powerful style. He stomps everything down into the glassy, Delta flats with authority! This guy makes you want to ride!

Derek Cook would be my vote for "most improved" since his Delta Sessions debut. He also made my favorites list for his fascination with giant off-axis spins off the double-ups, and a technical trick that few can deliver..the Backside, Indy, Off-Axis 180 waaaay into the flats. This time around Derek earns a full section to show off his style and long list of new tricks.

Of course this flick again brings a carefully selected blend of underground Metal, Rap, and Reggae music which is also provided on a CD soundtrack for your enjoyment. This soundtrack has lived in my CD player since the DSII release.

California Delta locals will appreciate a cool Extras section with nearly a dozen regional amateur riders like Billy Tonis, the Payton boys, the fast-progressing Hoffman sisters, and of course, the altitudinal Valdez brothers. This is the first video I have seen that recognizes and rewards the local, upcoming riders for their dedication.

This is a video that everyone will enjoy from the beginning to end. The extra section also delivers a killer photo slide show and cringing crash section!

Great job West Side Connection!

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