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Counterfeit This
By: Evan Park

Riders: Danny Harf, George Daniels, Shawn Murray, Scott Byerly, Eric Ruck, Brandon Thomas, Parks Bonifay, Brian Grubb and Chad Sharpe

Filmed and Edited by : Jack Blogett

Iíve seen most of the new wake videos that have came out during the 2005 season and Such Is Life had my vote for #1 video of the year until I got the new Hyperlite Mfg team video. This film didnít have much publicity around it, I only saw a couple ads in magazines but other than that I didnít know much about it. Hyperlite left out a lot of unanswered questions. After watching Welcome when it had been released I wasnít all that hyped up when I saw stuff for the new video just for the fact that Welcome sucked, plan and simple. I wouldnít say I was expecting this video to suck but really I was just saying to myself ďit better be worth it this time,Ē and it was.

There is defiantly no shortage of wakeskating in it, every second section there would be a wakeskater and there was even a full BT, GD and Byerly Bonus section. The wakeskating sections werenít short either, you can really tell that the guys at hyperlite really put a LOT of hourís into filming for this vid.

George Daniels had the first wakeskating section and it is by far the best wakeskating I had seen in any video to date. His flip tricks are just crazy, the cleanest kick flips Iíve seen, w2w kick flips, varials, super high front side flips and even the hard flip that I have never seen GD do before. Thatís not all, he also shows that he kills it w2w with nose 3ís, shuv to indy 180ís and even a w2w half cab front side big spinís (a real eye opener!). Oh and not to mention the rail skillz, did I see a 270 shuv to front board and even a kick flip to 50-50 at the end, Oh I think I did. This section doesnít make me stoked to ride but really to hang up my board and try a different sport! (haha, just kidding)

Byerly was up next and he really showed that at his ripe age he can still kill it. Nose slides!, defiantly something that Scott is good at, that nose slide front shuv out on the projects pool rail was just plan sick. I thought Byerlyís section in Money Canít Buy was good, this is really something else. Backside 3ís w2w and large Ní in charge varial flips. One thing I really didnít need to see though was his inside out 3 shuv to dislocated knee, Ouch!

Brandon Thomas kills it, even if he did manuals back in 04, he is definitely one of the best wakeskaters and his PWT results show it. One thing that some of my wakeskating friends and I noticed right off the bat in his section is how much he has improved on making his kick flips look tight. He actually flicks his kick flips like a skateboarder does and not to mention his varials. It really shows that if you live and work at the projects you get really good at rails. BT killed the stuff at Radar Lake and was one of two hype team skaters to hit the pool rail.

Grubb, Iíve seen every video he has been in and its mostly been the same stuff over and over again. Money Canít Buy was probably the first video that you really saw that Grubb was finally mixing it up and really shredding hard in all fields of the sport and not just w2w. I was really impressed with his mini section in Such Is Life and now I have a totally new found respect for him. Some of the biggest w2w stuff Iíve ever seen. Please tell me I didnít see a shuv to indy off a double up? Saw some new stuff like half cab blind 1ís w2w, toeside wrapped backside 1ís and Byerly style varial flips.

This video is definitely sick, probably the best wakeskating parts Iíve seen and not to mention the wakeboarding. All the locations like Radar Lake and the Keyís were cool places to see the hype guys riding. You definitely need to pick up this new video and check it out, its worth the dough!

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