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Hitting sliders has become more and more popular as the sport of wakeboarding and wakeskating grows. Here are a few plans for building sliders provided by some visitors. We have also started a Slider Talk message forum so you can discuss your own plans for building a slider on your lake. Check out the forums if you do not see anything here that describes the type of slider you want to build. Wakeboarder Slider Forum. You can even check out how sliding has changed over the years by watching some videos involving sliders. The Red Bull WakeLab is probably one of the craziest events that we have seen using sliders today.

Note: Sliding on a wakeboard or wakeskate is dangerous. Always wear a helmet, do not attempt anything you aren't ready for, and do not attempt to build a slider if you aren't confident in your abilities to build a safe one. is not responsible for any injuries or problems you incur while building or using the following slider plans.

Follow Up On The Rainbow Slider Project
Joe Keckeisen answers some questions about his Rainbow Slider Project's construction, performance, and things he would change with the design.

How To Build A Kicker/Funbox
It seems like eveyone wants to build a slider or kicker on their home lake. The following are instructions for building a kicker with a tabletop from Rick Jameson of Jameson Vaccaro Construction.

30 foot Wakeboard Slider Build
A Forum member shows you how to build a 30' Slider for Wakeboarding and wakeskating.

Kicker Ramp Step-by-Step
Sometimes hitting the wake just isn't enough. Kicker ramps can be great for catching huge air without having a knee high wake. JJ Bauman shows us how he built his from the ground up.

Rainbow Slider Step-by-Step
It's difficult to find good slider plans, but Joe Keckeisen has contributed an outstanding instructional on building your own half-rainbow slider.

Louisiana Canicker Session
While chilling out and riding at Moon Lake Marina in Monroe,LA a few Louisiana boarders gathered some materials around them and constructed the "canicker".



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