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Relentless DVD Review
What people value most about a wakeboarding video can be different. But it's hard to know what about Relentless someone might not like. Great riding, great scenery, and great cinematography makes for a one of the best videos of the year.

Tierney T-Board Review
Living in Oregon makes it difficult to wakeboard in the winter months, and I'm often left with the need to ride a board. The Tierney T-Board answers the call.

Exposed DVD Review
It's a bit surprising it's never been done before, but Hypoxic Films broke new ground by focusing a DVD on exposing the up and coming young talent in the sport of wakeboarding. How did it turn out?

2005 O'Brien Valhalla Wakeboard Review
It's actually quite rare for an entirely new innovation in wakeboard design to come out these days. The O'Brien Valhalla though is a board that breaks the trend and introduces something new.

2005 Liquid Force Fish 133 Wakeboard Review
One of the hottest products for 2005 is the Liquid Force Fish wakeboard. It's a similar idea to the Liquid Force Squirt that came out years ago, but is definitely an improved design. So how does it ride?

Integrity Wakeskate Review took a closer look at the new wakeskate by Integrity Wake to see what the buzz was about. We put it to the test and was very impressed with the results.

Spy Optic Clint Sunglasses Review
Spy Optic Sunglasses supports wakeboarding in a big way with a pro team that features some of the best riders in the sport. They also make some great pairs of shades, so took a pair for a test drive.

Byerly Retrospect Wakeboarding DVD Review
The most anticipated wakeboarding dvd in history lives up to the hype. Take a trip through wakeboarding's past, present, and future by seeing Scott Byerly's story unfold with the sport.

2004 Blindside Blade 138 Wakeboard Review member Joe Umali gives us a thorough review of the 2004 Blindside Blade 138 wakeboard. This aggressive shape designed by Greg Nelson has Umali in love.

New Reef Leidyland BoardShorts for 2005
Reef is a company that has long been famous in wakeboarding for their sexy ads and outstanding sandals. This past year Reef has made a move beyond sandals into the boardshorts department. We thought we'd check a pair out to review.

Waketrix Instructional Video Review
There can never be too many wakeboarding instructional videos. The latest wakeboarding instructional DVD to hit the market is Waketrix. How does it stack up?

DVS Dresden Mesh As Wakeskate Shoes
DVS Shoe company sent the Dresden Mesh shoes to take for a test drive. Lightweight, functional and usable for other activities basically sums up the DVS Dresden's Mesh in one simple statement.

2004 Liquid Force Substance 142 Review
One of Liquid Force's top selling boards is Shawn Watson's Substance pro model. took the 2004 Substance 142 cm version for a test drive, and we wanted to share the results with you.

Erlik Sunglasses Review
One of the newer sunglass companies in the wakeboard market is Erlik. They're based in Montreal but have their glasses made in Italy. Check out the review of the Maven model.

Kampus K Series Wakeskate Review
In 2003 Kampus Wakeskates introduced the K Series with the K39. In 2004 they added a bigger version in the K41 and sent us one to test ride. Now we know why Goerge Daniels choses to ride this deck.

Reef Byerly Wakeskate Shoe Review
Jacob Sagemuehl takes closer look at the Reef Byerly wakeskate shoes and answers the one question everyone seems to want to know, "Can I wear these shoes for every day use too?"

Asterisk Wakeskate Video Review (DVD)
Take nine of the top pro wakeskaters to a hidden riding spot in the middle of the desert, add some rails and a film crew, and you will have a recipe for some sick wakeskating.

Hyperlite Welcome Video Review
One of the most anticipated videos of all time was the new team video from Hyperlite and Sidewayz called Welcome. Did it live up to its high anticipation? Or fall flat on it's face? Find out in our in-depth review.

SPUN Video Review
SPUN is the debut video from Danny Turner and his film company Hypoxic Films based in Northern California. Check out our review of this new release.

Delta Sessions Video Review
The 2003 crop of videos might be defined as the year when regionally focused videos hit the mainstream and were good enough to be recognized. Delta Sessions is a great example of the successful regional video.

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