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Ed Harmon - Flixmaster - Current Head Honcho ( )
Ed got into wakeboarding when he saw someone standing sidewayz behind a boat. From that moment he realized that people should always stand behind the boat in this manner. Any and all non-sidewayz equipment was burned and a trip to the local wakeboard store was required. From the time he purchased his first wakeboard at a "BIG BOX" company he was determined never to let any fellow wakeboarder buy 2nd rate equipment and products at inflated prices.
Pat McCarthy - Honorary Head Honcho ( )
Pat helped get wakeboarding started on the Internet with the creation of the Wake List E-mail Discussion List back in 1995. He started in 1997 and moved it to a full-fledged content site in 1999 and has been running the site ever since. Pat is from Eugene, OR, and is an avid wakeboarder and wakeskater....and by "avid" we mean he's done it once when it wasn't raining.
Dave Barousse - Doughboy ( )
Dave is a professional web programmer and helps out in various areas of the site; from new project development to adding content. Dave is from Morgan City, LA and is an avid wakeboarder and wakeskater, but usually prefers to wakeskate. Dave also started sites and He is known to eat a donut every now and then...and by "known to eat" we mean he eats 16 per day.

Mike Isler - Photo Guy ( )
Mike helps out by submitting photos every once in awhile, and constantly suggests random new features to Pat. He has been helping out for a few years but hasn't really done anything useful but moderate some forums. Mike is a WBM photographer, and is from the great city of Orlando, FL...and by "great city" we mean it would suck without wakeboarding.

Erik Jernberg - WallyO ( )
Erik is very proud to be part of the team and currently works on promotions, product reviews, and forum administration. He brings many years of boat knowledge to the site, and runs several sites of his own:, and a wakeboarding industry blog at He is looking for a boat sponsor, prefers a Super Air Nautique despite the fact that he claims to be not that good at wakeboarding.



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