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Refraction DVD Review
Refraction is a film from Hydrotherapy studios that features, and opens with, footage from the team Ten-80 houseboat trip on Dale Hollow Lake. During the trip, they went through 400 gallons of gas, but made the expense worth it by capturing some amazing video footage. The video is in the standard 4:3 aspect ratio and is in the NTSC format.

Refraction is something that I wish was around back when I was doing a lot of filming. There is something more accessible about the riding found in this video, and while almost all of the riding is at the professional level, there is plenty for us folks working on intermediate and advanced-level tricks. Also the setting of some parts of the video really resonated with me, as the opening sequences of the video were shot in lush protected coves with the riders enjoying perfect glass.

Tim Keepers opens the video with a bang, and shows more control blind than most riders have riding straight forward. Showing a lot of variety, he throws down a lot of glides, spins and, of course moves to blind. Keepers section sets the tone for the solid riding the follows in the rest of the video.

Later on, Matt Sims is featured in another standout section. His is a name that has been mentioned as one of the sports' upcoming stars, and if Matt Sims isn't a pro, then he will be soon. Rumored to be very close on going public with a consistent 1080, Matt's section is extremely strong. The review team was taking style notes during his section of the video - and it is during his section that the editing really steps it up a notch, capturing Sims from multiple angles, interacting with the music all the while. There are also a few shots of Sims pulling off axis spins that I can't quite figure out. Which means you may have not seen the trick yet. That alone makes this video worth picking up!

The video also features footage from the Malibu open, footage with JD Webb in Florida, a solid section with Ben Greenwood, and last, another standout section from Gerry Nunn & Shaun Murray. Was Shaun Murray born with a wakeboard on his feet?

Despite some occasional shaky camerawork and a few tube shots that appeared to have been filmed too close to the rider, this was an excellent video. The Ten-80 team has a lot of talented riders, and the people at Hydrotherapy Films assembled an excellent video here. With plenty of wakeskating, inverts, spins, and location variety, there is something for everyone in Refraction.

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