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Wakeside Battle Rack Review
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One of the most interesting and well-built products to hit the 2003 wakeboarding market is the special board rack from Wakeside called the Battle Rack. gives it a full review.

The Wakeside Battle Rack is a new product from Wakeside's new "Wakeside Design Studio™". The goal of the new studio is to design and develop exclusive high-end wakeboarding products, and make them available to the public at an affordable price. Their first foray into this field is a board rack that definitely fits the "exclusive high-end product" label.

We noticed two things about the Battle Rack right away when we pulled it out of the box. The first was it's extremely shiny chrome finish. The majority of racks tend to be black, and there are some chrome and silver available, but this thing is basically so shiny it's a mirror.

The second thing we noticed is that the rack base is shaped like a battle axe, thus the name Battle Rack. Combined with the bright chrome, this rack definitely has a style and coolness to it that will make any boat stand out from the crowd.

After seeing that the rack definitely passed the eyeball test, we had to check out it's construction. The Battle Rack is manufactured by Titan Wake Accessories. Titan is known to make top quality towers and accessories, and is the chosen tower supplier for Malibu boats. Naturally, this rack upholds the quality standard that Titan has established for itself.

The rack is made out of tarnish-free chrome plated billet aluminum, and the mounts are manufactured at certain sizes to exactly fit the diamater of your tower for no sliding or slipping. The rack feels solid and the construction looks great in person. The mounts are thick and industrial. The forks are engineered with a custom mushroom-shaped insert that greatly increases the contact area between the boards and the fork. The board fits into the rack well, and no moving around in the rack occurs.

The mounts come in different sizes and shapes to fit the major towers on the market, as well as quick-removal for collapsible towers. Each rack holds two wakeboards or wakeskates.

The Battle Rack is frankly the coolest and most stylish rack we've seen on the market. Combined with the solid construction and price that is cheaper than other chrome racks of it's construction caliber, the Battle Rack is an outstanding choice. The price is $315 for one rack and $599.95 for a pair of racks. Since the racks aren't shipped out until May 15th, anyone who orders now is most likely to be the first in their area to sport these unique racks.

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