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ToeJam Binding Lube Review
Toe Jam is a unique, all natural binding lubricant recently introduced to the wakeboard/waterski market.

Manufactured by Davey Dog Products, Toe Jam’s formula consists entirely of water and vegetable based ingredients. Unlike other available binding slimes, Toe Jam does not use glycerin, soaps, or other chemical compounds.

Toe Jam was developed to be a true environmentally friendly binding lubricant, which was proven upon being submitted to the EPA’s Design For the Environment (DfE) program. The DfE formally recognized Toe Jam for its natural ingredients and the safe, non-evasive impact it has upon a waterway’s ecosystem.

Likewise, the Wakerider Foundation, a wakeboarding organization that works to protect lakes and rivers, has given Toe Jam its only binding lube endorsement, further backing the genuine environmental nature of the product. Review

We were excited when we first heard about Toe Jam, because we feel that wakeboarders should make as little environmental impact as possible. We did worry though if Toe Jam would live up to the other binding lubricants out there because "environmentally-friendly" products sometimes aren't up to par.

Toe Jam made us believers though, as the product worked great for easy binding entry. The first thing you might notice is that Toe Jam is a little thicker than most binding lubricants, which helps it keep from getting too runny in the hot sun. The thickness doesn't matter though as it does the job. Toe Jam also is 10% aloe which helps keep your skin from drying after being out in the sun all day.

We applaud Toe Jam for making a binding lubricant with no environmental impact, and hope other companies in the wakeboarding industry strive to keep their products as natural as possible.

Toe Jam can be purchased in 32 oz, 12 oz, or 2 oz containers. If you're a dealer interested in carrying Toe Jam, e-mail or call 512-707-9143 and ask for David. More information can be found at

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