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Type ADD Video Review
Reviewed by: Jacob Sagemuehl

Type ADD is the first video release from Insite Productions. The video contains a mix of wakeboarding, wakeskating, and kiteboarding.

Concept: On the box it claims that this movie is "all action - no plot". It also says that this movie is "guaranteed to keep your attention" and it is "for those of us with attention deficit disorder"; hence the title "Type ADD". While this may have been the intent, Insite did not fully follow through with this concept; mainly due to the inclusion of non-wake scenes.

Cinematography: The cinematography in Type ADD is pretty standard for a wakeboard video. The riding is shot from a few different angles including from a chase boat, tube shots, and from the tow boat. One thing that could have made the video better is if there were less shaky shots which make the video hard to watch and distract from the riding.

Length: Type ADD comes in at around thirty-one minutes in length. Although, strangely, it felt like a longer video to me. I think that the video seemed longer because it has many different sections and a lot of riders.

Music: The music selection includes a mix of styles like rock, hip hop, and even a little ska. Some of the bands in the video are Proz and Conz, Yo Flaco!, and One Minute Silence.

Riding: There is a lot of good riding in this video. Recognizable names such as Harf, Sharpe, Grubb, and Kenney are featured in the film. The video also gives coverage to up and comer Andrew Adkinson, along with previously unknown riders like Chad Reese, Miles Armstrong, and others.

Jeremy Baker, Matt Simms, Clay McCoy, and Gary Morrison make up the first section of the video. None of their riding is groundbreaking or super technical, but they all look like solid riders that know how to have fun. Tantrums, Crows, and both on and off axis 5s are amongst the moves thrown. The section is fast paced and you get a little taste of each rider.

Danny Harf: Harf throws down so many moves in this vid. Pete Rose, Whirly 5, off axis toeside 9s off the wake and double up, BS 5, both heelside and toeside off axis 7s off the wake, Slob Crow Mobe; the list keeps going. He also does a funky grabbed toeside backside 180 off the double up which looks really good. There is also some footage of Harf attempting a 1080. He comes really close but does not make it; although the editing would lead you to believe that he did. He also puts down a big Blind Pete. There is no footage of him hitting sliders, but Danny has got the wake moves to make up for it. Whatever Danny is doing, it looks good.

Andrew Adkinson: At the time this video was being filmed, Andrew was probably considered an "unknown". But with his success towards the end of the 2002 pro tour, and the subsequent media coverage that he has received, most people are probably familiar with him by now. His style is pretty generic, but there is no denying the fact that he can throw down plenty of tough tricks. Andrew's section is solid, and includes moves like a 313, Moby Dick, a heelside 7 off the double up, and a toeside off axis 7 off the wake. I think Andrew will have great success on this year's tour, as well as in years to come.

Chad Sharpe: Sharpe's section would have been better if there would have been more shots of him hitting rails. There's only one shot of him hitting a slider in the whole film! Don't get me wrong, Sharpe definitely knows how to do plenty of hard moves off the wake, but his rail sliding ability has become a staple of his riding. Sharpe's riding in the video includes 720s, Whirlybirds, and a variety of Mobes.

Chad Reese: Chad's riding reminded me of Darin Shapiro. It wasn't necessarily his style that reminded me of Darin, but rather it was the combination of the types of moves that he throws and the simple fact that the dude goes big. He throws big Fronts, Hoochies, and Raleys (both regular and switch) way out into the flats. Some other tricks he does in the video are a solid Indy Tantrum to blind, Crow Mobe, and a clean air roll. Chad is not too big on spins but he still is able to put down a grabbed three and a toeside five. There is also a clip of Chad attempting a Speedball. He doesn't make it, but believe me, I have seen worse tries at the move. I would not be surprised if he nails it in the near future. Of the "unknowns" in the video, Chad is the best.

Kiteboarding: There are two kiteboarding sections in the video. They take place in Maui and show various riders launching off the waves of the surf. I'm not too familiar with kiteboarding but it looks like an interesting alternative if you do not have a boat.

Brian Grubb: As with some of the others, there is nothing really new in Grubb's section. Nonetheless, Brian's wakeskating always looks good. In the video, Brian performs his typical bag of moves including shuvits, one footers, and backside spins.

Miles Armstrong: Miles is another of the "unknowns" in the video. Although his style is a bit stiff, he still manages to pull off a good mix of moves. Some of his tricks include Crow Mobes, Skeezers, and Raleys.

Mark Kenney: The Kenney section is one very redeeming quality of the movie. It is fast paced and full of good riding. I had not seen very much of Kenney's riding before this; but after watching this section I really got the feeling that Mark's riding was all about having fun. Kenney goes big and does many technical moves, all the while with a big smile on his face. In the video it shows him doing a variety of spins, including a toeside 7 and a switch off axis toeside 7, back to back. It also shows him doing a sick air front flip with a backside 360. In my opinion, Kenney's section is the best of the video; I only wish there would have been more of it.

Somewhere in Kentucky: There are a few guys in this section. They perform some grabs, 180s, and basic inverts. They also have some fun doing tube wars behind the "Tube Mobile".

The remainder of the video consists of a crash section and then goes into a section with various riders and off the water footage.

Rating: This being Insite Productions' first release, it is understandable that Type ADD has some room for improvement. The video would be more enjoyable if there would have been less off the water scenes and more footage of guys hitting rails. For these reasons, Type ADD receives 3.25 out of 5 stars.

Type A.D.D. can be ordered online at
or toll free 1-888-640-8281 for $20.

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