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The 2004 Hyperlite Broadcast Wake Surfboard Review
By:Shawn Madison

Hyperlite has expanded their wakesurf board line with its 2004 Broadcast model. The Broadcast is a fast board with excellent release from the wake.

The Broadcast is 48 long and approximately 21 inches wide at the midpoint. It has a progressive rocker from flat at the tail to a kinked tip and it comes with two 1.2-inch side fins and a 1.5-inch middle fin.

The shape of the Broadcast was designed for slower boat speeds and moderate to big boat wakes. Based off the fastest rocker line Hyperlite has ever created. EVA top deck for extra traction while surfing. Asymmetrical arch support with a molded kick tail. Smaller profile for quicker reacting turns and an easier overall ollie

The top graphics consist of the hyperlite logo on the tip bordered by two lady silhouettes. Hyperlite Broadcast is labeled at the back of the board. The base includes a classic surf graphic with a large lady silhouette with a sunrise in the back. The Hyperlite Logo is at the tip and Hyperlite Broadcast is labeled at the bottom with the size 48.

I rode this board and my first thought was it felt a little easier to get up on than the Landlock version. This board was fast in its cuts and accelerated extremely fast, and the EVA top dock had excellent traction. The back of the foot bed has a mound that allows your foot to easily control the board without slipping. Two asymmetrical arch supports in front of the back mound help support your foot while maintaining traction.

I rate this board a MUST BUY for anyone looking for a fast board with riding characteristics of a larger board. The unique design will definitely draw interest and its size makes it easily to transport in most board racks.

The Broadcast can be purchased from:

    The Broadcast can also be seen in the Gear Guide.


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