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New Reef Leidyland BoardShorts for 2005
Reef LeidylandReef is a company that has long been famous in wakeboarding for their sexy ads and outstanding sandals. This past year Reef has made a move beyond sandals into the boardshorts department. We thought we'd check a pair out to review.

The Look

The first thing you notice about the Leidyland shorts is the full color pictures of Reef models on the shorts. So, if you're a fan of the Reef ads, you'll love these shorts. If you find the Reef ads offensive, you'll hate them.

Besides the model images, the shorts have a nice artistic design at the bottom with a sunset look towards the top.

The Functionality

Reef's entry into the board shorts market wasn't done by taking the cheap route. Reef's board shorts are high quality shorts designed to be functional and to be durable.

The highlights I noticed was the velcro fly stayed shut well and made it easy to deal with opposed to buttons or all ties. They also have custom drawcords with lacestopper eyelets to keep you from getting your tie laces pulled into the band of the shorts. There is nothing more annoying then only having one of the two ties available to tie.

The shorts also feature the requisite cargo pocket commonly found on shorts today, and have a great comfortable feel to them.

Bottom Line

Reef is more than sandals now as their apparel is stylish and made in a high quality format. Whether these shorts are for you depends or not on how you feel about scantily clad women on your shorts. Some might be appalled, and others might relish in the fact they can pay under $50 to get a Reef girl on their lap.

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