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Erlik Sunglasses Review
Erlik SunglassesBy Pat McCarthy

One of the newer sunglass companies in the wakeboard market is Erlik. They're based in Montreal but have their glasses made in Italy.

Glasses Reviewed
The glasses reviewed were the Maven model as pictured in the image above.

All the Erlik glasses have a unique construction that is the first of it's kind that I've seen in glasses. Each frame is made of an injected GRILAMID, a light plastic able to withstand extreme temperature variations. This material makes the glasses feel very light weight, as well as very strong. It seems like you'd have to try and intentionally destroy the glasses in order to get them to break.

The glasses also feature ELASTOMER hinges, a technology exclusive to Erlik. It's kind of a ridge that allows the frame to expand to fit your face perfectly, and then when you take the glasses off your face the hinges pull the sides of the frame back in to a retracted position. The hinges don't have little screws or parts that will break.

I'm very tough on sunglasses, I've broken quite a few pairs while out in the boat, and I don't think these Erlik Maven's would ever break.

The lenses are Grade 1 Polycarbonate that offer great optic quality and exceed all safety and protection standards.

The Erlik glasses construction give them a unique style that will have people asking you about them. They look different from most shades on the market, and they definitely have a bit of an international flair to them if you're in the USA.

For more information on these stylish and tough sunglasses, visit

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