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Tierney T-Board Review
T-Board WheelLiving in Oregon makes it difficult to wakeboard in the winter months, and I'm often left with the need to ride a board. Sure, I can snowboard, but that's an all day event that is fairly expensive and really only works in certain months as well. What to do with the rest of my time?

Enter the Tierney T-Board. It's a carving long board with an innovative truck and wheel system that simulates the feeling of carving a wakeboard or snowboard on water.

The T-Board has only two wheels which are attached to a truck system that allows the wheels to rotate in any direction. This means you can really lay into a mean edge like you're carving on land or water.

The first thing I noticed when I got the board setup was how light it was. You'd think for a longboard with a unique truck system you'd have a heavy board on your hands, but not so with the T-board.

When hopping on it for the first time you may notice that it's a bit unstable and hard to control when moving at a slow speed. You'll find that it's much easier if you pick up the speed you're traveling and really get a feel on how to control your edge. It's amazing how similar in feel it is to edging on a snowboard.

Don't get me wrong, it's still possible to kick around on it at slower speeds and try to skateboard a bit in a traditional sense, but the real beauty of this board is if you live near hills, which I do, and you can take it on those hills and carve it up.

How does this relate to wakeboarding? While carving on a snowboard is different than carving on a wakeboard in the way you place your weight, it's still good for your board control and muscle memory to go out and carve on a T-Board. After you get comfortable it's also a good way to work on your switch riding while you're not behind the boat.

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