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FSU Jam Session with Red Bull
"On Saturday April 10th, Red Bull riders JD Webb and Adam Errington came up to FSU for a Jam session with the nation's #1 Collegiate Wakeboard team. The event took place at a secret location in the middle of the national forest where FSU team members assembled a full scale winch park that included a 36 foot flat bar, 30 foot rainbow, 26 foot fun box, Incline rail, Incline to Flat with a 3 foot gap and an Ollie barrel.

If riding with the pros wasn't enough, the event took place at 8:30 in the dark of night where underwater lights were constructed in the spring fed crystal clear waters of the lake giving off a bio-luminescence that made the rails and riders appear as if they were floating on air. A crowd of over 200 people gathered along the lake shore to party and watch the professional riders tear up the park before they hit the rails themselves.

The Red Bull MXT event vehicle was posted up on the beach blaring music and providing entertainment from its fold out HD Tv's and X-Box's while spectators danced till the crack of dawn. As morning approached people set up tents to crash for the night and others found a suitable place on the sand but the music kept on. It wasn't until 530am that things started to settle down but the silence would not last. At the first sign of light, the winches were gassed up and the shredding continued. It wasn't until 4:00 the next day that people finally packed up and headed home. It was truly a unique event that will stay in the minds of the riders and spectators of Florida State University. "

Words and photos by Dustin Shumacher.

Adam Errington FSU Rail Jam

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