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Louisiana Canicker Session
By Seth Martin

This weekend I learned how much fun you can have with a little imagination, a canoe and a couple of blocks of Styrofoam can be.

A group of four KrookedMinds WT members (Seth Martin, Bonnie Bruce, Dave Barousse and Summer Galloway) traveled to Monroe, LA for a weekend of riding with the locals. Saturday morning while putting the boat in the water, we met up with Jeff Franks, Mike Webb and Justin Neitz at Moon Lake Marina. A couple of us noticed that their were some of pieces of Styrofoam lying around as well as a canoe and from there the wheels began turning. We all loaded up in the Southworth's Malibu and got in a set. On the way back to the Marina the idea of a making a slider out of the canoe was brought up. It was decided that it could be done and the rest of the afternoon was spent hitting the canoe.

When we arrived back at the Marina, the canoe quickly went from being a flat slider to more of a kicker after Mike got his hands on the Styrofoam. Mike flipped the canoe over so its bottom-side was up and placed the nose on the longer piece of Styrofoam. A smaller piece was inserted toward the back to give added floatation where the rider would first slide up. A rope was hooked for towing and 5 minutes later our afternoon entertainment began. Since we decided to set up the slider true ghetto style, we didn't put any anchors on it. So in order to hit it, we had to chase it all around the lake and line the boat up with the canoe so the rider could slide it.

Justin was first off the dock launching 3ís, blind 180ís and tweaked out grabs off the Ďcanickerí. Robert jumped on his board and proved that 9-year olds arenít afraid of sliding. Dave started sliding before he even hit the water. He did a dock start about 15 feet from the edge of the dock and then went out and stuck some 3's and a backside slide up the canoe. I was the last rider to hit it and couldnít believe how much fun it was. It was very quick, but I was getting thrown up in the air pretty good.

Sunday the "canicker" fun was over, but only after Summer got a chance to hit it. Right after she finished a house boat drove across the lake and tied up to it and towed it away. We weren't sure if it was the owner of the canoe so we decided to just let them take it. We later found out that he was just upset from the rollers in the lake. But we got to have our fun before he took our slider away.


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