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30 foot Wakeboard Slider Build
Okay so i will try to go into as much detail as i can on how we made this slider.

First off i will go over materials.

4 Floaters
30' X 14" Frame
4 sheets of plywood (green treated)
440 feet of PVC
Lots of screws
4X4's for Triangle supports
Power tools

might be missing some random pieces

1) First we built a Frame out of 2X4's which looked like this (see step 3 for an exact picture of the frame)

Initial Slider Plans

2) Next we put plywood on top of the slider but we found out it was the wrong stuff so we took it off later. We also put 2X4's on the top of the floats and secured the floats to the Frame with "L" Brackets.

Slider Base and Floats

3) Next we Screwed in 2 more boards in between the floaters for triangle supports to sit on to support the side walls and we also added the triangle supports to all the other boards.

Slider Supports

4) Next we screwed down plywood to the side walls of the frame.

5) then we layed out some pvc on the top of the frame just to get an idea of how many we need to cover the top of it.

6) Now after fully covering the top with plywood we painted the sides and spray painted some logos in. We also fastned most of the PVC in by drilling a bigger hold on top of the PVC and drilling a screw through the top part and into the bottom part.

7) Heres a daylight picture of the PVC attathed. You want to make sure the PCV doesnt all line up where they meet otherwise you will have a week spot.

8) Brian drilling the final PVC peices in

9) Now what we had to do was extend the PVC 5 feet off of the frame becuase our parents said it had to sit in the water and be a ride on otherwise they thought we would get hurt...You could either cut the PVC off right next to the frame or make it a ride in and off. Also we Drilled a 2X4 under the ends of the PVC to support them.

10) Now we had to Melt the bottom of the PVC to make it bend into the water

11) Now all we did is attatch Ropes to the 4 corners and attatch cinder blocks to them

12) Finally it sits in the water. perfectly (will get better pictures in daylight)

Total spent: $250 without floaters ( we got the floaters for free)
Total time spent: 19 hours

Hopefully this helps some building a slider.

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