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Fresh Air Exhaust -

Fresh Air Exhaust

Fresh Air Exhaust is a great addition for Wakesurfing. You can buy one online for most wakeboard boats at Fresh Air Exhaust. The Fresh Air Exhaust can reduce exhaust noise up to 75%, reduce Carbon Monoxide up to 90%, does not interfere with boat handling or performance and does not change the shape of the wake.

Fresh Air Exhaust - Malibu Boat

Fresh Air Exhaust - Noise Reduction

Independent testing has shown that Fresh Air Exhaust reduces boat engine exhaust noise by as much as 75%. That is equivalent to the noise between a coffee grinder and normal conversation.

Fresh Air Exhaust - Carbon Monoxide

An independent study by the Centers for Disease Control, conducted for the U.S. Coast Guard, reported that Fresh Air Exhaust reduced boat carbon monoxide up to 90%.

Frequently, after a day on the lake, we feel irritable, nauseous, or have a headache. We typically blame the sun, the wind, the beer, a hard fall, or simply exhaustion. We may be experiencing the subtle toxic effects of Carbon Monoxide. Engine exhaust which contains Carbon Monoxide can enter a boat due to the station wagon effect; the exhaust is pulled from the back of the boat to inside.

The station wagon effect in boats is aggravated by:

  • Traveling slowly (No Wake Zone)
  • A tailwind (a strong breeze from behind)
  • More weight in the rear of the boat (V-Drive boats, Wakeboarding, and Wake Surfing)

    The effects of Carbon Monoxide are cumulative; the longer your exposure, the greater the health risk. Inboard boats are inherently safe, yet they all produce dangerous levels of Carbon Monoxide; even boats with Ultra Low Emission engines.

    Children, the elderly, and anyone with asthma or other lung condition are especially vulnerable.

    Pregnant women need to be extra cautious because the developing fetus is particularly susceptible to Carbon Monoxide poisoning.

    The very high Carbon Monoxide levels measured at the swim platform are of concern because this concentrated exhaust can be drawn into the boat due to the station wagon effect.

    The Carbon Monoxide reduction with Fresh Air Exhaust is ASTONISHING!

    Fresh Air Exhaust - Performance

    On many boats, Fresh Air Exhaust improves the boat engine's low speed torque for improved acceleration and power.

    There is a slight reduction of top speed with the typical boat losing one-half to one and one-half mph at top speed.

    Fuel consumption is unchanged.

    Boat handling is unchanged.

    The boat's wake is unchanged for slalom, wakeboarding and wakesurfing.

    The Fresh Air Exhaust is available for most wakeboard or wakesurfing boats. If you are interested in a cleaner ride you can purchase a system direct from Fresh Air Exhaust



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