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Raley-Based Tricks are tricks that are based on the Raley and are built off of it. For trick tip help, please see the Trick List. If we're missing a Raley-Based trick, submit it here.

313: Heelside Raley with a frontside handle-pass 360 - Invented by Shaun Murray.

313 5: Heelside Raley with a frontside handle-pass 540 - Invented by Shaun Murray.

90210: Toeside Raley with a frontside handle-pass 360 - Invented by Mark McNamara.

911: A shifty Raley - Invented by Parks Bonifay.

Air Raley: Board is thrown out behind the rider and above the head in a "Superman" fashion - Invented by Darin Shapiro.

Batwing: Toeside Raley with an Indy grab - Invented by Scott Harwood.

Batwing to Blind: Toeside Raley with a backside 180.

Bee Sting: A Vulcan where the rider grabs melan like a Hoochie Glide on the way down - Invented by Mark Kenney.

Blind Judge: Heelside Raley with a backside 180 - Invented by Parks Bonifay.

Hoochie 313: Hoochie glide with a frontside 360.

Hoochie Glide: Heelside Raley with a Method grab - Invented by Gator Lutgert.

Hoochie Krypt: Hoochie glide with a frontside 180. AKA hooch to fakie.

Hoochie to Blind: Hoochie glide with a backside 180 landing wrapped or passing the handle - Invented by Shaun Murray.

Indy Glide: A 911 with an Indy grab.

Krypt: Raley with a frontside 180.

Oriental: Heelside Raley with a Slob grab - Invented by Scott Byerly

Oh Really: Toeside Raley with a Frontside 540.

OHH: Heelside Raley with a Stalefish grab. AKA Other Handed Hoochie Glide - Invented by Adam DelVecchio.

S-Bend: Heelside raley with an overhead backside 360. Both hands over head - Invented by Shannon Best.

S-Bend to Blind: S-Bend with a backside 180 - Invented by Darin Shapiro.

S-Bend 720: Heelside Raley with two overhead backside 360's. Both hands overhead - Invented by Andy Owings.

S-Mobe: An S-bend with a frontside handle-pass 360 on the way down.

Square Raley: A Raley done without the use of the wake. AKA Air Air Raley - Invented by Shaun Murray.

Vulcan: An S-Bend with a frontside 180. AKA S-Bend to fakie - Invented by Parks Bonifay.

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