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(Merced, CA) - Malibu Boats received a 6th consecutive Boat of the Year Award from PowerBoat Magazine on April 14th, in Sarasota, FL. The awards were selected after the magazine's rigorous Performance Trials in Parker, AZ, Sarasota, FL, and San Diego, CA. More than 45 performance boats were evaluated independently by two teams.

This year's PowerBoat Magazine Boat of the Year award was granted to Malibu Boats for the new 2007 Wakesetter VTX.

This honor makes Malibu the only boat company in the history of PowerBoat Magazine to have earned six Boat of the Year awards in a row. Paul Singer, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, accepted the award for Malibu Boats during the Product Excellence Celebration in Sarasota, FL.

Since its inception, the pride Malibu has taken in its products has netted recognition throughout the industry. All told, the company has accumulated 17 Boat of the Year Awards and 24 Product Excellence awards. Yet, the restless spirit and motivation for perfection never stops.

Singer explains this phenomenon, "I have said it before... These awards are a great pat on the back for us, but as soon as the congratulatory high fives are spent, we get right back at it. There are so many more innovations that our engineers are working to perfect. They are competitive by nature and these awards just push them to develop that next industry first."

The 2007 award winners are profiled in Powerboat's special June issue. To view PowerBoat Magazine's Performance Tests on line visit Power Boat Magazine.

Check out the photos in the Photo Gallery.

For more information on the Boat of the Year check out these articles: 2007BoatOfTheYear_VTX.pdf and Wakesetter 20 VTX

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