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The following are video clips that aren't just one trick being performed by one rider.

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WWA Triple Crown Event @ Kansas City Watersports

Check out all the action from the 2010 Pro Wakeboard Tour Stop # 5 in knoxville, Tn. Harley Clifford

King of Wake - Wake Games Orlando Florida

Shredvolution 001
Coverage of the Monster Energy and Alliance Wakeboard Triple Crown hosted by TSR, Winching with the SHREDVOLUTION crew, Quick instructional with Lana Merkley, and a gnarly crash section.... Music by: Daft Punk deadmau5, jacks mannequin, and phoenix. Hosted by Jade Whirley.

Rewritten to air on Fuel TV!
Less than a year ago today, Rewritten premiered in Orlando, Florida setting a new bar for team films in the Wakeboard Industry.

Jade Whirley Winching across San Antonio, Texas

2010 Pro Wakeboard Tour Acworth, GA -

2010 CableStock Video

Tom Fooshee Stomps Big Tricks! winch park fun

We got off work early one evening and decided to hit up the roof top rail. Brought in some locals that had never tried the rail. Erik and Tom. They did a killer job. Nice work guys.

Corpus Christi Pro Kicker Comp

For those who claim that everything’s bigger in Texas, the party surrounding the 2010 Corpus Christi Wakeboard Invitational was proof positive.

Winch Footy New Braunfels TX
This past weekend we headed down to south Texas to do some more winching. We found a really nice spot that had a good concrete slab for us to session. We spent most of the day swimming against the flood waters current, but still had a blast. Our final stop of the day was the famous Shredtown wall ride. Good times on that thing. Definetly have some respect for those guys. Thanks to Jade Whirley and Lana Merkley with Phun Promotions for coming out and helping.

Kevin Henshaws New Rail

Early season sets with
We got together with some out of town talent to see how they liked checking out what Texas has to offer. They hit up the cable at TSR, took a few sets on Lake Austin and headed out with a winch to hit up some awesome spots. Check out what they got into. Also, watch out for Jade Whirley, the guy has got some talent. More to come.....

The Boneyard Winch Session
Filmed at a Secret Winch Spot in Texas by Ross Skrudland. Riders include: Enrique Martinez Brad Allen Keith Holley Ross Skrudland Directed/Edited/CG Effects/Color: Ross Skrudland Rooftop rail at the winch park
Well here it is!'s and's first rail. We built a 64ft rooftop rail with about a 30ft land gap. We had some rough weather to deal with but an allstar crew of builders down for the cause. We got the rooftop knocked out and took turns taking a couple of hits on it. This is just a preview of the rails to come as well as the riding to be seen. Special thanks to Rob Chapman and his family, Billy Garcia, Tara, Ross Skrudland, and Captain Rick.

Kevin Wipplinger 239 Throwdown
Here is some footage of Kevin in Fort myers shreddin' behind the boat at FGCU and at Revolution cable park. He is a real smooth rider and has a style of his own.

Texas State Park Winch Trip
So after a long night of Google Earth searching, I convinced Ed to take the day off yet again... We packed up all our gear and set out for another day of winching. We got to the state park and started hiking to check out the sites. After an extensive setup process and many suggestions from some spectators, we set up and gapped one of the two waterfalls. To end the day, Ed stumbled across some corrugated piping that just so happened to be the perfect size for a quick hit across a land gap. Definitely had a blast and thanks to all the people who pitched in to make this possible. Stay tuned for part two, we had to leave due to night fall... So going to have to go back to give it a try.

MLK Winch Session - Austin, TX
What better way to celebrate some time off after the Austin boat show then to hit up some winching spots in Austin. We loaded up the winch and headed out to find some spots. We found an area that had a pretty good land gap and decided to give it a try. After that, we stumbled across a creek that had some huge rocks and a nice little natural rail. Not a bad way to spend a Monday afternoon.

Winter Winch Road Trip
Over this Christmas break we decided to take out's winch and do some shooting in my hometown of hot springs Arkansas.

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