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Tantrum to Blind
Rider: Steve Shiflett

The Tantrum To Blind is a difficult trick that requires finesse and skill, and it's quite difficult to get consistent. However, it's difficulty makes it a trick that is well respected by other riders, and it looks quite good as well.

Before trying a Tantrum to Blind you should be able to do the following things:
1. Have a strong wake-to-wake Tantrum where you can get good height
2. Be able to do a Backside 180 where you land wrapped

Performing the trick
Watch this trick as an animated image (304k) or as an AVI movie (592k).

Tantrum to Blind #1 Approach the wake with enough speed to take your Tantrum wake-to-wake. You don't want to go real far, it's easiest to learn this trick landing on the downside of the wake.
Tantrum to Blind #2 Stand tall and wait for your pop so you get maximum height. Keep the handle in tight to your body as you take off, you'll need it in close to your body for the whole trick.
Tantrum to Blind #3 As you take off, you want your back to face a bit more towards the boat then on your normal tantrum. This helps you get a little less rope tension when you land.
Tantrum to Blind #4 You don't want to spin to blind too early, so wait until you're on your way down and you've spotted your landing before starting to turn. Keep the rope in tight to your body to make it easier to spin to blind.
Tantrum to Blind #5 As you land, keep the rope tight in the small of your back, and try to land with more weight on your toes then your heels. Get your shoulders over the toeside edge of your board, and pass the handle after you've landed firmly.

Style additions
1. Learn it switch
2. Once you've got it down, take it super big by taking a big hard cut at it.
3. Grab it Indy.

Moving On
The Tantrum to Blind helps you do the following tricks:
1. Switch Tantrum to Blind
2. Indy Tantrum to Blind

If you have specific questions about this trick or would like to discuss it further, talk about it in the Trick Talk Forum.

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