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Surf Carve
Rider: Pat McCarthy

The Surf Carve is not really a trick, more of something you can do to have fun while riding. Since wakeboarding has surfing as part of its roots, doing some surf-style carves is a natural thing to do while riding. It also helps you learn good board control.

Before trying to surf carve you should be able to do the following things:
1. ride your wakeboard
2. edge hard and quickly

Performing the trick
Watch this trick as an animated image (293k) or as an AVI movie (839k).

Surf Carve #1 Begin by starting outside of the wake and edging away hard from the boat to build some speed on your heelside edge.
Surf Carve #2 Quickly change from your heelside edge to your toeside edge and angle back towards the wake.
Surf Carve #3 Right after you change edges, lean towards the water, the lower you get the better. Use the tight rope tension to balance you up. This should be in a quick motion like a surfer carves against a wave.
Surf Carve #4 When you get back to the wake, switch back to your heelside edge and do a cutback carve on the wake like its a wave. The harder and faster you do this, the bigger the spray and the better it feels.

Style additions
The surf carve can really be done in many different ways, it can be done on either side of the wake, switch, regular, you can do it into a butterslide, surface 180, wherever you want to take it.

Moving On
The surf carve helps you do the following harder tricks:
1. Butterslides
2. Surface 180
3. Surface 360
4. General edge control

If you have specific questions about this trick or would like to discuss it further, talk about it in the Trick Talk Forum.

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