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Heelside 540
Rider: Charley Patterson

The Heelside frontside 540 is more difficult then the Toeside frontside 540 because you have to do an additional handle pass across your body to do the last 180. For this reason, this trick is a little less commonly done, but it also feels and looks like you're doing more spinning while in the air. This trick can also be grabbed nicely, double-grabbed, and taken big off the wake or double-up.

Before trying the Heelside 540 you should be able to do the following things well:
1. Heelside 360 (be able to finish your spin early, or take it big)
2. Heelside 180
3. Be able to ride switch after landing.

Performing the trick
Watch this trick as an animated image (219k), as an AVI movie (1035k), or as a Quicktime movie (667k) .

Heelside 540 #1 Approach the wake with enough speed to clear the wake and pop high, but you don't want to land out in the flats when first learning this trick. Keep your arms in tight to your body on your approach.
Heelside 540 #2 As get to the top of the wake, let go with your front hand as you pop. Try to get a good high pop, and try to travel forward a bit towards the boat as you begin your spin. This will help you make a good handle pass.
Heelside 540 #3 Pull the handle hard behind your back, and try to pull it all the way through to your front hip instead of the small of your back. It also helps the style to suck the board up and get a solid grab on the board before passing the handle through.
Heelside 540 #4 As you get the handle around and finish the first 360 degrees, you want to pass the handle across the front of your body quickly to your back hand. At this point you should also start thinking about spotting the shore you're heading towards with your eyes.
Heelside 540 #5 After getting the handle in your back hand, pull it to your back hip to do the final 180. Most people have a problem with the last 180 because they look down at their board and fall back towards the wake. Get your head and eyes up towards the horizon or shore, and try to land on your toes edging away from the boat.

Style additions
1. Learn it switch
2. Grab it nose, melan, or mute.
3. Double grab it. Grab it once before the first handle pass, then after the handle pass with the other hand.
4. Do it big and late off the double-up
5. Take if off-axis

Moving On
The Heelside 540 helps you do the following tricks:
1. Switch Heelside 540
2. Heelside 720
3. Heelside 900
4. Heelside Mobe 540

If you have specific questions about this trick or would like to discuss it further, talk about it in the Trick Talk Forum.

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