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Roll to Revert
Rider: Ryan Stephens

The Roll to Revert is probably the easiet invert to learn after you learn a Back Roll. It's actually a more natural rotation, but it's a little harder than the Back Roll because you land switch. A lot of style can be added to it by grabbing melan, mute, or nose.

Before trying a Roll to Revert you should be able to do the following things:
1. Be able to do a Back Roll
2. Be very comfortable with heelside 180s, and be able to take them big.

Performing the trick
Watch this trick as a Quicktime movie.

Half Cab Roll #1 Cut outside of the wake about 10-15 feet, you don't need huge edge to do this trick, and it's easier when learning to take it wake to wake. Take a mellow edge into the wake so that you stay in control. Keep the rope close to your body and keep your weight even on both feet.
Half Cab Roll #2 Right as you're going up the wake, edge away from the boat hard and let the board continue in that motion as you look up and over your front shoulder to start the rotation.
Half Cab Roll #3 While in the air, keep the rope tight into your body. Keep two hands on the handle longer then you think you should. Often people let go with their front hand too early because they naturally want to rotate back to regular before they should.
Half Cab Roll #4 As you come around, spot your landing, then let go with your front hand which will finish the rotation to take you back to your normal foot forward. Get ready to bend your knees and suck up the landing.
Half Cab Roll #5 Bend your knees as you hit the water, and land on your toes so you don't slide out. If you're getting the rotation but having a hard time with the landing, practice doing really big Heelside 180s to practice the landing.

Style additions
There are a few things to add to this trick:
1. Learn it switch.
2. Grab mute, method, melan, or nose. This also looks good off the double-up.
3. Cut out super wide and edge long and hard to take your Roll to Revert super-big.

Moving On
The Roll to Revert helps you learn the following tricks:
1. Half Cab Roll
2. Grab Roll to Revert
3. Heelside Mobe

If you have specific questions about this trick or would like to discuss it further, talk about it in the Trick Talk Forum.

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