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Crow Mobe - Wakeboard Videos
Rider: Charley Patterson

The Crow Mobe is a one of the easier mobe tricks and it looks good when done correctly. It doesn't require huge air, and can even be done without a mid-air handle-pass, thus making the handle-pass easier.

Before trying the Crow Mobe you should be able to do the following things:
1. Get good height on wake to wake scarecrows and be able to rotate them fast
2. Toeside 360s, with and without passing the handle

Performing the trick
Watch this trick as a Quicktime movie.

Crow Mobe #1 Start outside of the wake about 10 feet, and glide into the wake with a very mild progressive edge. The key is standing tall and pushing off the wake at the last moment to get the pop. A little more weight on your back foot helps to make you wait longer.
Crow Mobe #2 After you pop, initiate the rotation just like your normal scarecrow, but throw it harder and instead of just keeping the rope in front of you like on a normal scarecrow, begin to pull the rope towards your back.
Crow Mobe #3 Begin to pull the rope into your back as you spot the water. Some people will beging to actually go for a handle pass here, while others land wrapped. A handle pass looks cleaner, so do that if you can.
Crow Mobe #4 Spot your landing and land leaning away from the boat with more weight on your toes. The rider in this photo is landing wrapped, so if you passed the handle instead you should be looking in the direction you're headed with the handle in your front hand.

Style additions
1. Learn it switch
2. Grab melan or nose for a super-stylish grabbed crow mobe.
3. Try passing the handle and landing wrapped to see what fits your personal style better, and which comes easier to you.

Moving On
The Crow Mobe helps you do the following harder tricks:
1. Crow Mobe 540

If you have specific questions about this trick or would like to discuss it further, talk about it in the Trick Talk Forum. If need more help on learning this trick and others you can check out all the Instructional Wakeboard videos.



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