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Liquid Force - 2018 Trip 142 Wakeboard

Liquid Force - 2018 Trip 142 WakeboardLiquid Force - 2018 Trip 142 Wakeboard
Product Description 2018 Trip 142 Wakeboard:

Beginner to advanced, the 2018 Liquid Force Trip covers the entire spectrum. It's a consistent performer with unmatched value that will keep money in your pocket and put a smile on your face! Smooth and forgiving for the novice yet fluid and aggressive for the advanced, it's the perfect wakeboard for most abilities. A true industry classic that stands the test of time, many top LF riders got to where they are today by starting on the Liquid Force Trip... You'll "Trip" on how much fun you'll have riding this shape!

Product Features:

  • Aggressive, Continuous Rocker - Smooth, fluid carves with a high arcing pop.
  • D-I-S-C Hull through the Center - Double Inside Single Concave. Softens landings and maintains board speed.
  • Modern Bat Tail - Fuller than the original for more lift off the tail of the board and tucked in tips for quick transitions.
  • Molded-in Warped Long Based Side Fins
  • Variable Edge Rail

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