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Phase 5 - 2016 Jam Wakesurf Board

Phase 5 - 2016 Jam Wakesurf Board
Product Description 2016 Jam Wakesurf Board:

The Phase 5 Jam is the sister and same shape as the Gatorskin Wire, only offered in a more economical E-Glass build and smaller sizes. It comes with our twin fin set up using the Phase 5 4.3 fins with FCS fin plugs. Great board for beginners to intermediate riders.

The design starts with it's squared off snub nose running into a straighter drawn outline that breaks into a nice wider center curved section ending at the soft wing bump. From here the tail profile is again straighter to a pretty flat wide tail. The result is a super fast board thats easy to pull tricks on and has plenty of stability to recover. The soft-round shape of the tail allows the board to come around for smooth surface spins, made even easier by the slight forward placement of the twin fin system. The Snub-nose allows riders to actually ride the board revert/backwards and still accelerate on the wake!


  • 4'9" - 5'8" 135 Lbs. on 49"
  • 5'3" - 6'1" 180 Lbs. on 53"
  • 5'6" - 6'4" 225 Lbs. on 60"
  • E-Glass
  • Surf style 4.3" Twin(2) fin
  • Great board for beginners to intermediate.
  • Traction Performance Pads
  • Pad colors vary between White and Black(Contact us for exact pad color)

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