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Ronix - 2014 El Von Videl Schnook w/Preston Wakeboard Package

Ronix - 2014 El Von Videl Schnook w/Preston Wakeboard PackageRonix - 2014 El Von Videl Schnook w/Preston Wakeboard Package
Product Description 2014 El Von Videl Schnook - Cable Nu Core - Sideshow Red/Freakishly Yellow:

New for 2014 is a next generation specific electronic hot lap cable special deck. Last year with the help from engineers and riders in 6 different countries and came out with a 90° turning, rail shredding aquatic device. Cable riders usually ride 4 mph slower, so you need to make up for that in added buoyancy. A fast, flatter rocker means more contact with rails for added control, and along with the steeper sidewalls allows the board to ride higher with more glide speed. Plus longer boards are funner to press out. Boat boards are designed to set an edge, and constantly build an arc as you progress into the wake. Cable riders who do air tricks you want to set and maintain an arc without adding onto the angle. This way you have a predictable take off around the bend, landing with more forward momentum. A cable rider has to leverage into an ollie, or press onto a rail but just as important (which gets overlooked) is it has to snap back too. So you want to have more control, feel, and yes “flex” on a cable board - but only if it has a pivot point. So we sourced this fancy new paulownia environmentally conscious short harvest time energetic new resourceful tree and a maple stringer running down the length and shaped it up into bits and pieces of rockers and rails. Then added our lightest weight fiberglass - having a thin tip/tail shape and a really light glass in the tip and tail exaggerates everything you need on a cable. As a rider locks onto a rail the energy but is than able to leverage off signature magic carpet lay up. This past off season we built our own R&D facility to ride and research behind the boat or the cable park – Lake Ronix. We partnered with team Stuckey who are leading the cable charge of progressive riding at a park.

Willkommen para el futuro van de kabel planken. Translation: Welcome to the future of cable boards (we think).


  • Concave Bottom Tips - Effortless ollies and more controlled presses
  • G&R Technology - Grip and Release channels have all the traction you need for boat or cable riding without creating unneeded resistance with the water
  • G&R Part 2 - side to side stability and allow a rider to control a flick easier at a cable park
  • Thinnest Profile - More feel for consistency on all types of surfaces
  • Finless - Too big of a fi n and a board gets hung up on rails
  • Nocturnal Run - We have a small run with recessed lights running thru the board
  • ABS-less - Krypto cable prevents delams, but unlike ABS it doesn’t trap as much resin, so you have a lighter board that is just as strong
  • 4 babooshka fins

    Product Description 2014 Preston Wakeboard Bindings - Absent:

    Another year leading the charge. Hollowed ankle cavities and perforation on the liners allow mobility to be enhanced without giving up lower foot support. This free flowing boot is built for both boat and cable Zen master’s like ex pro tour and world champion Erik Ruck, and the new cable phenom – Dominik Hernler. Riders that know leg mobility is only as good as the foot hold that it offers. They have confidence in the fact that the heel hold in these panda bear specials will allow them to loosen the upper cuff for exaggerated presses at a cable park without sacrificing board control edging into the wake. This boot has been infused with some of the latest in eco friendly technologies to make you feel better about your wake on our waterways.

    Product Features:

  • New welded PU panel construction
  • Perforated Stage 3 liner
  • Hollowed ankles
  • Lasted construction

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