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Hyperlite - 2013 B-Side 140 Wakeboard

Hyperlite - 2013 B-Side 140 WakeboardHyperlite - 2013 B-Side 140 Wakeboard
Description 2013 B-Side 140 Wakeboard:

The Hyperlite B-Side wakeboard series design begins at the rocker line, which is set at a 2.6 inch Blended 3–Stage. The Hyperlite B-Side wakeboard carries more speed into the wake than ever before. This series also features a shallower, ABS polymer molded-in fin that ends nearly an inch from the tip of the wakeboard for a buttery smooth release off the wake and maximum durability on sliders. The elevated footbed reinforces the fore body of the deck to maintain a solid rocker line off the wake, but also allows for a thinned out tip and tail creating minimum swing weight and great control on rails. This series is truly a freeride masterpiece.


  • Shaped by Butch
  • Blended 3-Stage Rocker
  • Biolite 3 Core
  • Molded-In ABS fins
  • Elevated Footbed
  • Shaped Center Landing Zone
  • Monocoque Construction
  • Layered Glass
  • M6 Inserts
  • Fins: 2-.7 inch A-Wing

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