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Slingshot - 2012 Lyman Wakeboard

Slingshot - 2012 Lyman WakeboardSlingshot - 2012 Lyman Wakeboard
Product Description 2012 Lyman Wakeboard:

You don't have to ride like Keith to appreciate this board. Sharing all the great features of our Ballistic line, the 2012 Slingshot Lyman is extremely rider friendly, but has simply taken wake performance to an incredible new level.

Evolving from our Ballistic Line, Slingshot's most advanced boards yet, Keith Lyman's all NEW state of the art pro model is the latest in flex technology. The first of its kind, this board combines the most powerful core available with multiple molded base features to generate intense speed and explosive pop, exactly what Keith demands from a board. With a single concave between the asymmetrical molded fins, a V-Bottom and planing rails, it offers clean and early release off the wake, and ultra soft landings. The Lyman is the ultimate wake riding board!


  • Intermediate - Expert
  • Aggressive and powerful edging
  • Focused on massive pop off the wake
  • Looking for softer landings when boosting huge tricks
  • Subtle 3-Stage Rocker - Massive boosting pop with more speed.
  • Future response Technology - FRT - Lightweight, more durable core that offers controlled flex that evenly distributes an explosive energy burst when popping off the wake and on ollies, and absorbs shock on hard landings
  • New Fastrack - Simple wood core that offers a great feel, continous momentum, controlled riding performance, and stability in all conditions.
  • New Atomic Core - All wood - lighter, stronger, and provides the liveliest feel avaiable
  • Asymmetrical molded fins - Added stability, increased hold on edge, and cleaner release off the wake.
  • V bottom with planning rails - Subtle convex belly increases agility and creates a landing sweet spot without decreasing momentum with side channels that direct momentum on flat landings and add stability on edges.
  • Adjustable bolt on fin settings - Two fin settings options (place fins in the outer setting for added edge hold and place fins in the inner setting for a looser feel and ealier release off the wake.)
  • Singleshot Fusion sidewalls - high durometer urethane rail(seamlessly fused in the core-the most durable wakeboard rail ever.)
  • New Slantwall - Impact resistant sidewalls with variable contoured sidecut to provide more grip up the wake with a clean release.
  • 4D graphic technology - The latest in graphic technology, giving every wakeboard individuality, and four dimensional depth.
  • Handmade by Slingshot in the USA - Precision finished product using the highest quality materials.

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