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CWB - 2012 xKink 134 Wakeboard

CWB - 2012 xKink 134 WakeboardCWB - 2012 xKink 134 Wakeboard
Product Description 2012 xKink 134 Wakeboard:

The xKink Wakeboard has a new fin design for added performance and also has a slider base bottom for the rails. The fins have been re-designed so you can use other CWB fins to change the performance and ride of the xKink wakeboard. The new fins for 2012 are a little more wake friendly. The wing tail has been updated this season to allow the xKink wakeboard to sit deeper in the water. A large center spine still runs down the middle of the xKink wakeboard to give this board soft landings behind the boat.


  • Clean smooth bottom design
  • Large center spine for soft landings
  • Double wing tail design sits deeper in the water
  • 3 sizes to choose from
  • Slider bottom
  • Designed for: Intermediate

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