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Ronix - 2012 Quarter Til Midnight 134 w/Luxe Wakeboard Package

Ronix - 2012 Quarter Til Midnight 134 w/Luxe Wakeboard PackageRonix - 2012 Quarter Til Midnight 134 w/Luxe Wakeboard Package
Product Description 2012 Quarter Til Midnight 134 w/Luxe Wakeboard Package:

Don't let a board shape dictate your riding style. Australia's finest, Hayley Smith worked with wakeboard coach Mike Ferraro, who arguably knows more about fluid dynamics than anybody on the dock. They made a shape for varying abilities and styles to determine the universal characteristics a rider needs, then blended them into one shape. The result was this Sercret Flex constructed shape, which is being referred to as the best board he has created to date. This board has a 3-stage lift in the center, with a continuous outer rail that pushes the board into the rider. You feel the speed of the continuous rocker and the vertical lift of the 3-stage. If a rider comes in with a lot of angle, the outer continuous profile handles this extra speed. If you flatten the board out, the 3-stage rocker kicks in. This is a series you donít have to really stand on to create a progressive cut from the sharp/hard edge on the tip/tail of the board, outside of the stance. The rounder radius bevel in the center of the board, inside of the stance, creates forgiveness. An all purpose shape with smooth/low maintenance carves, to wide open high speed cuts behind the boat and versatility on the cable for air tricks. Super wide stance options allow extra board control at the cable along with our durable Sintered Base.

Product Features 2012 Quarter Til Midnight 134 Wakeboard:

  • Sharper center rail creates a quicker edge transfer that is more reliable in choppier water conditions, blends to a more vertical sidewall in the tip/tail allowing the board to ride higher on the water with more glide speed
  • 2 Traction Channels in the middle - help with acceleration thru a turn and push the rider into the wake.
  • 4 Traction channels in the tip/tail - create a more stable feel on landings
  • 4 Flutes in the tip/tail - designed for a cable rider to aid the traction of the fins with a cleaner lift with less pressure on air tricks allowing the board to flick out of the water and away easier
  • Variable Bevel - rounder radius bevel on the inside of a riders stance blending to a sharp bevel on the outside for a clean progressive edge transfer and hold
  • Versatile Rocker Line - depending on how a rider edges into the wake it will feel like a continuous with easy transitions and soft landings, or a 3 stage rocker board and a more upright pop
  • Cable Speed Design - most surface area, and a sharper rail optimized for slower cable speeds
  • 4 fiberglass 1.0" fins & 4 fiberglass .8" slider fins
  • Sintered Base - The most durable non-stick base material we have ever tested on rails without loosing any glide speed on the water
  • Secret Flex - A new construction that is strong enough for a man yet balanced for a woman
  • Mod Pour - The highest strength to weight ratio we have ever tested - setting the standard of the most refined recipe of foam out there
  • Krypto Cable - Combined with our monocoque laminated glass, this cable makes the sidewalls the strongest part of the board - not the weakest
  • Created with the all purpose female rider in mind and ridden by Hayley Smith

    Product Description 2012 Luxe Wakeboard Bindings:

    A comfy, world exclusive, Stage 1 foam boot, with an articulating shell to transfer more energy to your ride without any hot spots. Designed with the every day rider in mind. Our most popular womenís boot is built with an ultra light liner handcrafted exclusively by Ronix. The high performance adjustable Luxe boot fits multiple sizes without any pressure points found in a traditional one piece construction. Support you would expect from a high-end boot, ease of entry that will have you finishing that last minute text while you slip into them.

    Product Features:

  • Universal tongue - our most adjustable boot fitting multiple sizes
  • Stage 1 Liner - All the comfort you would expect from a Ronix boot and ultra lightweight Ultralon foam
  • Baseless Hardware - The original low profile design delivers superior board control on an ultra-lightweight foundation - often imitated never duplicated
  • Tool Less Mounting Hardware - So simple a Neanderthal can use it, no screwdriver required
  • Built in J-bars improve heel hold
  • Articulating cuff - the boot flexes with the rider
  • Low friction eyelets
  • Eco Innovation - no use of PVC solvents
  • Designed with the everyday female rider in mind

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