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Sidewayz - 12 Honkeys - DVD

Sidewayz - 12 Honkeys - DVD
Shakur County ain’t never been the same since Warden Bubba G. Bubba III been kidnapped and them Honkeys was set loose. Who woulda thunk that dang ol’ Fricken Chicken was in on the greatest escape of all time. In fact, matters got so big the F.B.I. had to intervene, as the Warden and Sheriff P. Clutch got in way over their heads and Deputy Cunningham got caught with his pants down.

The once peaceful town soon got flipped turned upside down with each Honkey trying to get out before the hammer came down. Cars was bein’ stolen, liquor stores was getting’ robbed and even the poor paperboy got disrespected. Some of the regular folds grew insane and tensions mounted as the Warden’s son took matters into his own hands.

See how this delightful tale of human endurance and wakeboarding unfolds as the Honkeys try to make their way out of Shakur County and into our hearts.


  • Scott Byerly
  • Shaun Murray
  • Parks Bonifay
  • Darin Shapiro
  • Gregg Necrason
  • Matt Staker
  • Rob Struharik
  • Collin Wright
  • Cobe Mikacich
  • Gerry Nunn
  • Shawn Watson
  • Shane Bonifay

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