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Inland Surfer - 4-Skim Keenan Wakesurf

Inland Surfer - 4-Skim Keenan WakesurfInland Surfer - 4-Skim Keenan Wakesurf
Product Description 4-Skim Keenan Wakesurf:

More air on a skim than any surf is how we describe this board; at least thatís how World Champion Keenan Flegel rides it. Years of R&D now bring you the most anticipated skim-style board in history. It is hard to imagine it getting better from 2012, but here it is. The Keenan Pro 4-Skim brings an Ultra-Lite carbon fiber wrap construction with triple T-Stringer backbone for unparalleled strength and speed, bottom line, it is the only skim-style board capable of 4'+ aerials. Versatility at the professional level, shipped with the S-Series Skim Fin you can upgrade to the Keenan Flegel Pro Configuration with dual KF01 Side-Bite skim fins. If you want to ride like a World Champion, you'll need the board of a World Champion.


  • The ability level recommendation for this board is advanced to pro.
  • 4'4" x 21.5" x 3/4" - 3 lbs. Tri fin option.
  • The weight range recommendation for this board is 80lbs. to 180+lbs. depending on wake size.
  • Note: All skim style boards come with 1 single 4-skim fin only. Extra fins sold separately.
  • The KF Side bites fins are for use on the 4Skim Keenan Pro only and are sold separately.

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