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Inland Surfer - 4-Skim Ooze Wakesurf

Inland Surfer - 4-Skim Ooze WakesurfInland Surfer - 4-Skim Ooze Wakesurf
Product Description 4-Skim Ooze Wakesurf:

This is our smallest sized skim style board that delivers snappy turns, great down the line speed, and a shape that can throw shuv-its and spins all day long. Ride this board with 3 fins while you are just learning, transition to two fins to loosen the tail up then move to 1 fin and nail that 360 shuv-it.


  • Beginner to Pro. Great for kids.
  • Tri fin - for that extra hold.
  • Dual fin beginner to advanced.
  • Single fin intermediate to pro.
  • Tech Specs: 4'.2"- 20.5"- 5/8"
  • 50lbs. to 170lbs. depending on wake size.
  • Note: All 4-skim style boards come with 1 single 3.0cm skim fin in black only.

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