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Sidewayz - Hit It - Spray - MayDay Combo - DVD

Sidewayz - Hit It - Spray - MayDay Combo - DVD
Sometimes referred to as the peak of wakeboarding videos, this trio of films from FLF are a sight to see. These three films pushed the imagination of wakeboarders everywhere seeing the sport's best riders go off in cool locations on 16mm film. All have outstanding soundtracks, and are timeless videos that still get me pumped to ride today.

Hit It
From the opening of Hit It you know you're in for something special. This video has a legendary soundtrack and features riders such as Greg Nelson, Billy McCaffrey, Scott Byerly, Shaun Murray, Mike Weddington, Cobe Mickacich, Erich Schmaltz, Dean Lavelle, and others as they ride everywhere from Tahoe, to Lake Shasta, to tropical locations, and Florida.

The highlight is Byerly's famous bug slide where he ollied up on to pipes on top of his VW bug floating on a dock. This was in the days when very few riders if any were even hitting sliders at all, and Byerly is sliding his car!

Perhaps the most groundbreaking wakeboarding film to date. Spray really introduced the world to sliding objects like rocks and docks, and shows the crossover from directional to twin tip boards. The Byerly and Schmaltz scene where the ollie the pool land gap at Lake Powell was insane at the time. This film also is probably the moment where everyone realized Byerly was "the man".

Spray features the riding of Byerly, Gator, Schmaltz, Nelson, McCaffrey, Smith, Heer, and others.

Ask 10 wakeboarders who were watching videos since the start what the best wakeboarding video ever is, and most likely 7 out of the 10 will tell you it's Mayday. This the one film I would show someone who was curious to what wakeboarding is all about.

Mayday took the most progressive riders at the time and took them on a houseboat trip to Lake Powell. What happened next was pure magic. Everything came together perfectly as each rider has a long section featuring the best tricks of the period, and numerous riders landed tricks for the first time. The double ups are insane, the scenery at Powell is breathtaking, and the soundtrack is incredible.

Mayday features the riding of Heavener, Horrell, Weddington, Harris, Nelson, Byerly, Murray, Necrason, and Gator.


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