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Bump Films - Free 4 All - DVD

Bump Films - Free 4 All - DVD
Free4All may be the best video yet to come out of the editing bay of Mark Bame and his crew at Bump Films.

This release, shot almost entirely on 16mm film, features today's best riders doing some of the most technical riding seen to date. Almost every section was solid from beginning to end, with crisp, clean images leaping off the screen.

Memorable moments come from Brian Grubb's wakeskating section, Parks Bonifay's always impressive wakeboarding section, and the craziest and most dangerous wakeboard stunt performed to date; the U-Haul gap where a few riders gap a road by riding on top of a huge U-Haul truck! That section alone is worth the price of buying this DVD! This gap was so nasty Kyle Schmidt tore his knee upon impact to the water after jumping off the roof of the truck!


  • Parks Bonifay
  • Rob Struharik
  • Brian Grubb
  • Chad Sharpe
  • Kyle Schmidt
  • Danny Harf
  • JD Webb
  • Tim Kovacich

    Click here for Trailer (Quicktime, 4.7 MB)

    The music in FREE4ALL is mainly rap, and mainly from Battle Axe Records. The riders were allowed to pick their own songs out a group of available ones, so each rider chose something to their liking. Artists include Swollen Members, Pep Love, Abstract Rude, Prevail & Moka, Kottenmouth Kings, LMNO, Nextmen & Grap Luva, Little T and One Track Mike, and Ozzy Ozbourne.

  • Activision 2
  • CWB
  • the Wakeboard Camp
  • WakeBoarding Mag
  • Mastercraft
  • Spy
  • Battle Axe

    DVD Exclusives
  • The Making of the U-Haul Gap
  • Bonus Section with Everybody
  • Trailers for other Bump films
  • Directo Audio track

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