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CWB - 2009 Marius 140 Wakeboard

CWB - 2009 Marius 140 WakeboardCWB - 2009 Marius 140 Wakeboard
Product Description 2009 Marius 140 Wakeboard:

The wakeboard shape that changed boards forever. When we first released Trevor's shape it was met with some criticism. It was ridiculously wide compared to industry standards. The naysayer's soon realized the huge benefits the extra surface area provided. Now most every wakeboard on the market is constructed with extra width. The wide shape offers more board to push off the wake, and helps cushion hard landings in the flats. V-Tech makes this all possible, and performs like no other board on the market. The tip and tail have a deep V shape, which is similar to the bottom of a boat. This enables the Marius wakeboard to rock on edge with ease. A dual center spine provides soft landings when coming down from high altitude. The Marius wakeboard is a sports car when it comes to edge changes. It is our fastest wakeboard in the line, as the continuous rocker makes it glide across the water effortlessly. We have dished out the area above the V-Tech, creating a feather light construction in the tip and tail where it matters most. With the massive width, V-Tech, dual center spine, and the weight reduction, you will be hard pressed to find a more unique ride.


  • Length: 140cm
  • Weight: 7.9 lbs
  • Rocker: 3.00"
  • Waist Width: 17.63"
  • Tip/Tail Width: 12.60"
  • Rider Weight: 150 & UP
  • Stance Width: 22.5" - 26.5"
  • Rocker Shape: Continuous

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